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“The migraines began 11 years ago and came with a vengeance. I was working for a Maid Service at the time, so I assumed that it was the chemicals that I was inhaling on a day to day basis that was causing the migraines. The pain would begin in my neck and would eventually affect my entire head. The pain was dull, sharp and aching all at the same time. Any movement made the pain worse.

Over time the migraines progressed from 1 to 2 a day, to 15 to 16 migraines per day. I would have relief for 15-30 minutes before another one would begin. In addition to the migraines, numbness in my hands and right arm began about 2 years ago.

I went to see my Primary Care Physician and to several Neurologists. They checked my hormone levels, took MRI’s, suggested that I keep a diary of what I was eating in case there were specific triggers, they prescribed medication and also put me on steroids. Needless to say, nothing was working and they were unable to give me any concrete answers as to why I was having the migraines and numbness. When I tried to explain that it felt like I had lumps in my neck, no one paid attention.

I am the proud mother of 5 young children and I knew that I didn’t want to be in my 40’s with this type of pain. It wouldn’t be fair to them. It got to the point where my kids would know when a migraine was coming. I was desperate to get help and relief from the everyday pain.

My first time out of the house in a very long time was when I attended Festival In the Park. Dynamic Health & Pain Management (DHPM) had a booth set up at the event. I decided to get screened, hoping they could provide me with some answers. When the young lady told me that they were able to help other people with migraines, I decided right then and there to come in for the consultation.

Based on my X-rays, Dr. Matz was able to explain the reason why I was having the Migraines and numbness in my hands and arm. I knew I wasn’t imagining things and I was relieved to finally have answers. Dr. Matz explained the treatment protocol and what I could expect.

When I started treatment, my pain level was at a 10. I started noticing difference as soon as I started treatment. I have only had 3 headaches since I started treatment on October 2, 2013 and the pain is just a dull throb and the headaches go away after several minutes.

To go from 15 to 16 migraines per day to only 3 headaches over the span of 23 days is quite simply a miracle. I no longer experience the numbness or pain in my arm. I would recommend DHPM to anyone and everyone. I am confident in their abilities to help others like me.”

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health

Stem Cell Weight Loss Programs Pain Management