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Has chronic and debilitating pain kept you from playing with your kids, doing your work, running errands, or exercising? Dynamic Health may have a solution that does NOT involve surgery.

Relieve Joint Pain Without Surgery At Dynamic Health in Charlotte, NC

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What’s your pain and is it stopping you from living your life? Whether you experience back, knee, elbow, or shoulder pain, Dynamic Health just may be able to help you – without surgery. It all starts with a completely FREE consultation.

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We have performed over 1,000 procedures with the highest-quality products which is more than any other southeast provider.

of our patients quickly show significant improvement.*

Our use of the highest-quality equipment and preparation techniques allows a single injection for all patients; whereas other clinics commonly require multiple injections over several weeks.

We require minimal additional bracing post-injection. The body heals best with normal activity and range of motion.

Our expertise with joint treatments allows us to address ligament and joint weakness other clinics often miss.

Choose the “Dynamic Duo” in the Charlotte, NC

Our team uses medicine to change the environment of the internal joint, but that’s only part of the equation. We also follow on-site rehab protocols to focus on building up and maintaining the external environment of the musculoskeletal system. That’s the “Dynamic Duo.”


“Thank you for saving my knees from surgery. Prior to my surgery date (3 weeks ago) I had difficulty walking without constant pain in both knees. The pain was excruciating and I had difficulty sleeping at night. The procedure only took a short time and afterwards I noticed immediate relief. Now, after 3 weeks, I can walk without pain, sleep without waking up and I rode my bicycle 50 miles yesterday without pain. This is the procedure I would recommend to anyone before they consider having any type of surgery especially a knee replacement. Thank you again for saving my life.”*

– Dan T.


“I can walk and climb stairs and do things I wasn’t able to do for several years…I’ve been amazed at how quickly the pain has subsided.”*

– Bonni M.


“I had been suffering for 4-5 years with the shoulder pain, and I dealt with constant sharp pain. I tried physical therapy, but the effects were only short term. The care I received at Dynamic Health was fantastic, and the results truly speak for themselves. I started to experience relief in just 7-10 days…I would highly recommend Dynamic Health to anyone suffering with any sort of pain!”*

– Brian M.

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