Questions About Stem Cell Therapy

We understand you have questions about this treatment option, and we want to make sure we answer all of them. Read below for commonly asked questions about Stem Cell Therapy, as well as what you may want to ask your doctor before having this treatment (or any procedure) done.

Based on new research and developments, regenerative medicine is more heavily utilized and more successful than ever before. PRP/Stem Cell Therapy has become a safe and effective way for patients of Dynamic Health to overcome pain without resorting to drugs or surgery.


We have done over 600 PRP/Stem Cell injection procedures, using the highest quality product, which is more than any other clinic in the southeast.
The manufacturer. We use processing equipment manufactured by Harvest / Terumo – the industry leader in this technology. This is the same equipment company that Stephen Curry’s doctors used to perform his PRP knee injection in April 2016.

Other products marketed as “regenerative medicine” are not handled as carefully, may be freeze dried or ground up, and do not contain any living cells. This makes them much less effective (or even totally ineffective).

Almost all of them.* We have done hundreds of stem cell and PRP procedures, with only a tiny fraction of patients failing to show ANY response to treatment.
You! Dynamic Health uses your own plasma and stem cells. This eliminates the risk of “rejecting” the stem cells or contracting blood borne infections like hepatitis or HIV.

Beware of providers who use “amniotic” tissues or stem cells. Ongoing research confirms that the prepared amniotic and placental tissue products contain no, or very minimal, living cells.

Any time you penetrate the skin there is a small risk of infection. Our procedures are performed using strict aseptic techniques, so infection is rare, occurring in only about 1 of every 10,000 patients. Other possible complications include allergic reactions to local anesthetic and bleeding, and both are extremely rare.
Unlike many other providers of stem cells and PRP, at Dynamic Health, most patients will need only one injection. Just one injection combined with our advanced physiotherapy is all you’ll need to start healing.*
Studies have shown that most patients who receive PRP or stem cell injections can remain pain free for between 1 and 2 years.*
The equipment used for these treatments at our clinic is FDA approved.

This varies from patient to patient and can be influenced by many factors. Give us a call or schedule a complimentary consultation so that we can better evaluate your case.

No, the treatment is not covered by private or public health insurance at this time.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy uses platelets to achieve the following:

  • Clump together at sites of injury to stop the bleeding
  • Release natural growth factors at the site of the injury

 These growth factors send signals to the body that an injury has occurred, drawing in stem cells and additional growth factors that will help the body heal.

Adipose (Fat) Tissue Stem Cells are used for their ability to turn into different types of tissues like cartilage, tendon, ligament and muscle tissue.

Treatment will take approximately 45 minutes. We will draw a syringe of your blood, then spin it down in a special centrifuge which concentrates all the platelets together. We then inject those platelets directly into your joint or tendon.

Over time, the growth factors stimulate the body’s natural healing process, and the chronically damaged joint or tendon repairs itself.

Treatment will take approximately 60 minutes. We will perform a mini liposuction using local anesthetic to take out a small amount of your own fat tissue (complete with its stem cells). We spin it down in a special centrifuge, then inject it directly into your arthritic joint.

The stem cells will then incorporate themselves into the damaged tissue and start regenerating it. This is the only available treatment that can actually regenerate chronically diseased cartilage.

There is no such thing as a ‘permanent’ result. Because time and gravity continue to wear on your joints after stem cell injections, the positive effects will wear off eventually.

It may be necessary to have repeated PRP or stem cell injection treatments for as long as you continue to have recurring joint pain.

Have questions not answered above? Call our clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, or pay us a visit for your complimentary consultation.


“Thank you for saving my knees from surgery. Prior to my surgery date (3 weeks ago) I had difficulty walking without constant pain in both knees. The pain was excruciating and I had difficulty sleeping at night. The procedure only took a short time and afterwards I noticed immediate relief. Now, after 3 weeks, I can walk without pain, sleep without waking up and I rode my bicycle 50 miles yesterday without pain. This is the procedure I would recommend to anyone before they consider having any type of surgery especially a knee replacement. Thank you again for saving my life.”*

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