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Natural Healing at Dynamic Health

If you’re living with chronic pain, reduced mobility or comfort, or something just feels off, it’s time to start treating the problem. At Dynamic Health, we offer natural healing methods that do more than just mask the symptom.
With our holistic approach to medicine, we are focused on finding the root cause of your affliction, in addition to bringing our patients relief from pain or discomfort. There’s much to learn about how we treat our patients without resorting to drugs or surgery.

Natural Healing Gets Results in Charlotte, North Carolina

Natural healing, also known as functional healing, addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms, rather than alleviating your symptoms with temporary fixes (like over-the-counter medicine).
Because of the nature of natural healing, patients are more involved in understanding their affliction and become active participants for their own recovery. It all begins with a discussion regarding a number of factors, from medical history to lifestyle to genetic factors that could influence current and long-term health.
Natural healing offers many benefits to patients, starting with a high success rate for eliminating pain and finishing by giving patients a healthier life and a better future. Some of the advantages of choosing a natural treatment method include:

  • Patient-centric care
  • Science-based healthcare approach
  • Integrated/comprehensive treatments and recovery plans

If you don’t suffer from chronic pain, but do feel a little off most days, a Wellness & Nutrition plan could be your solution. If any of these apply to you, you may benefit from scheduling a free consultation at Dynamic Health:

  • I have a moderate amount of belly fat
  • I always feel sluggish
  • My energy levels plummet mid-afternoon
  • I crave sweets
  • I always feel bloated
  • I can’t sleep at night
  • I am abnormally thirsty

Seek a Solution with Dynamic Health

If you suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, or thyroid issues, Dynamic Health can create a comprehensive treatment program to give you back your health. Start with a complimentary consultation to learn how natural healing methods could benefit you and help you live pain-free.

Our professional medical staff is well-trained in natural medicine and will use a multi-disciplinary approach and advanced technologies to correct your ailments. Pay us a visit in Charlotte, North Carolina, give us a call at (704) 525-6288, or contact us using our live chat to speak with someone right now.