Who We Are

At Dynamic Health Carolinas, our team of highly skilled healthcare professionals understands that chronic pain is a complex condition that affects the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Because of our diversity in treatments, we are able to manage a number of pain-related issues throughout the entire body. We have demonstrated incredible recovery for patients who suffer from headaches, lower back pain, whole body pain, and much more.

Our Philosophy

Our multidisciplinary approach distinguishes us from other pain clinics, as well as allows us to treat people with such different injuries. We utilize best-in-industry practices that effectively address the cause of the pain, not merely masking it for temporary relief. In other words, our team offers true rehabilitation because we value our patients’ time and ability to live a pain-free life.

Whether you suffer from acute pain or chronic pain, every member of Dynamic Health Carolinas aspires to help you achieve long-term, sustainable relief without the use of prescriptions. And our procedures are non-invasive, allowing you to enjoy a quicker recuperation time.

You deserve to get results that foster an improved quality of life that can help you feel like yourself again and return you to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our Tools

To help us achieve our goal of making rehabilitation genuine and long-term, our facility hosts a range of state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology diagnostics that afford us the opportunity to relieve your pain utilizing modern protocols.

Our Proof

As much as we can talk about results, there’s some undeniable comfort in hearing it come from others. That’s why we encourage our patients to share their experiences with others—whether it’s on a Facebook review, Twitter post, or even on our website’s archive of patient testimonials.


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If you’re ready to get your life back because chronic and acute pain have taken over your daily functioning, get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation.