Our clinic is a safe environment.
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During this time, our hours have been modified to:
Mon, Wed, Thurs 10am-5:30pm, Tue 12pm-5:30pm, and Fri 10am-2pm.

Our clinic is a safe environment.
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During this time, our hours have been modified to:
Mon, Wed, Thurs 10am-5:30pm, Tue 12pm-5:30pm, and Fri 10am-2pm.


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Welcome to Integrative, Innovative, Dynamic Health

More than just a pain management center, Dynamic Health can help give you the tools to jumpstart healthy living and take control of your wellbeing. Our team offers several advanced weight loss programs. Other healthy living solutions include blood testing and food sensitivity.

No matter your symptoms or history of failed treatments, the team at Dynamic Health will aggressively and professionally work together to find the solution that gives you the quality of life you deserve. Read about our holistic medicine approach and reach out to learn more.

Have other methods of controlling chronic pain failed to deliver the relief you want? Dynamic Health offers a diverse and comprehensive collection of integrated physical rehabilitation and pain treatment options.

Regenerative Medicine in Charlotte, NC

Beyond pain management, Dynamic Health is also proud to offer the latest regenerative medicine to our patients. We specialize in stem cell therapy and growth factor therapy using platelet-rich plasma (PRP). These treatments are rapid and cost-effective. Ask one of our specialists if stem cell therapy is an option for you.

Unique You: Why Our Treatments Are More Personal

Dynamic Health believes in a team-based approach to healing. And we believe it because it works. Our team has a history of successes with patients who have come to us after long, frustrating battles with failed treatment methods. In other words, we offer hope.

This record of tremendous patient successes is the result of our approach in treating the deepest supportive structures along the spine, spinal cord, and joints. We accomplish this by utilizing equipment and treatment protocols unmatched by other facilities, which gives us the ability to tailor our care just for you.

We pay attention to your concerns and symptoms, and we give each patient a truly individualized experience — even for the most difficult cases. Your personalized treatment plan, determined by our highly skilled Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Chiropractors, will be your path to a drug-free, surgery-free recovery.

Armed with a staff offering over 50 years’ experience, the most advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment available, and an expertise about how the body functions, Dynamic Health is your solution for happiness and healing. From pain relief, to stem cell treatments, to weight loss programs, your path to a healthier life starts here.

It’s time that you experience the difference of Dynamic Health. Call us or stop by today at 4705 South Boulevard to begin your own success story.

*If you decide to purchase additional treatment, you have the legal right to change your mind within three days and receive a refund. Some Medicare/Medicaid recipients may not be eligible for the free offer.

Success Stories

“I was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis and was having excruciating back pain. This intense pain lasted for over week and was causing me to be unable to eat and sleep. Walking was painful, and I was unable to get comfortable in any position.

My daughter is patient at Dynamic Health and Pain Management and recommended that I come in and have them take a look at my back pain to see if they could help.

DH&PM did a full exam, took x-rays and quickly found the issue. I decided to start treatment and after 1 full week of therapy I started to get major relief. I completed the treatment protocol and I am 100% pain free and loving life!

I am now able to drive myself around again and take my wife out on dates! I’m sleeping and eating better.

I would recommend Dynamic Health and Pain Management to anyone that has pain. It gave me my life back.”

“I was at work one day lifting a heavy object and hurt my shoulder. I had severe shoulder pain and was unable to lift my arm. The pain caused me to not be able to sleep at night and my range of motion was severely diminished. Everyday tasks like washing and combing my hair were extremely hard to accomplish.

I suffered with the pain for over a year and half, even trying cortisone shots and physical therapy at another facility. The relief from the shots and therapy was always temporary.

One day I was watching Charlotte Today and saw Dr. Altizer talking about Dynamic Health and Pain Management. I quickly made an appointment. At my appointment I learned that my neck was out of alignment and it was putting pressure on my nerves causing my shoulder pain! I immediately started treatment and the it was nothing like I had ever seen or experienced. I felt immediate relief with the trigger point injections and I was able to leave therapy without being in more pain. I was not able to drive comfortably after treatments at the previous facility.

I am now able to relax and sleep at night and things like washing and combing my hair are so much easier after my treatments. If you haven’t tried Dynamic Health and Pain Management you have nothing to lose and your health to gain!”

“While training for the Strongman Competitions my lower back suffered a painful injury. I experienced excruciating pain in my lower back, a sharp stabbing pain in my right buttock and numbness in my left leg. I was unable to lift weights or do any type of housework or yardwork. It was even painful to drive and sit down! For over a year I lived with this pain, self medicating with ice, electro therapy and medications. These solutions only masked the pain but never got rid of the pain.

One day during a google search, I found Dynamic Health and Pain Management. Their reviews were excellent so I decided to send them an email. I went in for my appointment and DH&PM discovered I had a shortened pedicle and my L5 disc was rubbing on my sacrum. I decided to start treatment right away.

The care at DH&PM is phenomenal. From beginning to end the techniques and skill from everyone has helped me recover and keep the pain away. After just a few visits I was already able to feel relief. I am now able to perform daily duties and things I enjoyed before hurting my back! The kindness and interactions with the staff is by far the best I have ever received in a medical environment. They make me want to come in for treatment. The speed and promptness is unmatched. Its always a good day for me after treatment. My satisfaction rate is a 10 out of 10!”

“I first found out I had diabetes over 5 years ago during a check up with my doctor. I was thirsty all the time, I got light headed and would have blood sugar spikes throughout the day and overall felt tired and miserable. My doctor placed me on Metformin to help regulate my blood sugar. I also had to start checking my sugar regularly, which meant poking my finger several times a day and making sure I was tracking everything and eating the right foods at the right times. I really missed having energy to do more activities, not having to poke my finger several times a day and being able to eat certain foods that I loved.

I treated at Dynamic Health and Pain Management previously for a low back issue and during one of my maintenance visits I saw some information about the Diabetes Reversal program. I quickly made an appointment to see if was for me. I met with Dr. Cox and was amazed that there was another way to treat diabetes and even reverse it! I quickly joined the program and within 7 days I experienced a change in my energy level. I was able to do more than one activity in a day!

The care I received at Dynamic Health has been wonderful, the treatments are excellent, the facility is beautiful and all the staff have been very helpful. The whole process has been very informative and I feel like I’m included in all aspects of my care. I would recommend anyone with Diabetes to give Dynamic Health a try!”

Don’t ignore your pain until it becomes a larger problem.

I am an active person and love to do things outdoors. I also run a non-profit organization that I am very passionate about and it requires me to maintain a high level of energy and mobility. That’s why staying active and fit is important to me and I have always tried to take good care of my body. One day I was doing a stretch that I had done a million times before. I bent down deep into the stretch and got stuck! I couldn’t get back up.

My spine was just frozen in place. Luckily my family was there and called Dynamic Health & Pain Management right away. They were able to get me in that same day to be seen. I found out that I had aggravated an old spinal injury from 20 years ago that had gotten steadily worse until everything just seized up. I knew I should have come in earlier but had been putting it off and now I was paying the price. I couldn’t get out of bed much less do any-thing I needed to do like work, drive, shop or chores around the house.

The doctors put me on a treatment plan that was tailored to my unique condition and I was extremely happy with the results. After just 2 months I went from being totally bedridden back to my normal daily activities. I can get in and out of bed, swim, walk, shop and travel for my work. I am so happy! Whether you have minor nagging pains or major debilitating ones you owe it to yourself to get help. Don’t ignore the pain until it becomes a larger problem. Go to Dynamic Health & Pain Management to see if they can help!”