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Welcome to Integrative, Innovative, Dynamic Health Carolinas

More than just a pain management center, Dynamic Health Carolinas can help give you the tools to jumpstart healthy living and take control of your wellbeing. Our team offers several advanced weight loss programs. Other healthy living solutions include blood testing and food sensitivity.

No matter your symptoms or history of failed treatments, the team at Dynamic Health Carolinas will aggressively and professionally work together to find the solution that gives you the quality of life you deserve. Read about our holistic medicine approach and reach out to learn more.

Have other methods of controlling chronic pain failed to deliver the relief you want? Dynamic Health Carolinas offers a diverse and comprehensive collection of integrated physical rehabilitation and pain treatment options.

Regenerative Medicine in Charlotte, NC

Beyond pain management, Dynamic Health Carolinas is also proud to offer the latest regenerative medicine to our patients. We specialize in regenerative therapy and growth factor therapy. These treatments are rapid and cost-effective. Ask one of our specialists if regenerative medicine is an option for you.

Unique You: Why Our Treatments Are More Personal

Dynamic Health Carolinas believes in a team-based approach to healing. And we believe it because it works. Our team has a history of successes with patients who have come to us after long, frustrating battles with failed treatment methods. In other words, we offer hope.

This record of tremendous patient successes is the result of our approach in treating the deepest supportive structures along the spine, spinal cord, and joints. We accomplish this by utilizing equipment and treatment protocols unmatched by other facilities, which gives us the ability to tailor our care just for you.

We pay attention to your concerns and symptoms, and we give each patient a truly individualized experience — even for the most difficult cases. Your personalized treatment plan, determined by our highly skilled Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Chiropractors, will be your path to a drug-free, surgery-free recovery.

Armed with a staff offering over 50 years’ experience, the most advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment available, and an expertise about how the body functions, Dynamic Health Carolinas is your solution for happiness and healing. From pain relief, to stem cell treatments, to weight loss programs, your path to a healthier life starts here.

It’s time that you experience the difference of Dynamic Health Carolinas. Call us or stop by today at 4705 South Boulevard to begin your own success story.

*If you decide to purchase additional treatment, you have the legal right to change your mind within three days and receive a refund. Some Medicare/Medicaid recipients may not be eligible for the free offer.

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