Without an accurate diagnosis and effective, personalized treatment, chronic pain can take a serious toll on your quality of life. Fortunately, professionally guided physical rehabilitation can minimize this pain while teaching you essential pain-management techniques. For your go-to rehabilitation center in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Dynamic Health Carolinas.

Rehabilitative Care in Charlotte, NC

Chronic pain affects millions of adult Americans daily, and it stems from a range of causes. This pain may last for weeks at a time, or it may extend over a span of years, restricting your quality of life. But whether your pain can be traced back to arthritis, degeneration, or another condition, our team in Charlotte, NC, are equipped to provide thorough treatment through physical rehabilitation.

“I have been receiving regenerative therapy at Dynamic Health for my knees, sciatica, and slight arthritis. Except for occasional weather-related pain, my overall progress has been nothing short of phenomenal! Their individualized care and attention to detail make all the difference in the world. The Doctors are wonderful and Board-certified. The facility is Covid friendly and overall spotless. The staff is friendly and professional. Because of their treatment and injections, I no longer run the risk of requiring "total knee replacement"! I highly recommend this Dynamic pain management facility. #satisfied patient!”

- Wanda

How Does Physical Rehabilitation Work?

Our integrative medicine clinic tackles every case of chronic pain with a patient-centered approach. We’ll take stock of your individual condition in order to provide a precise diagnosis, and once we’ve determined the cause of your pain, we’ll provide a treatment protocol designed to deliver both immediate relief and long-lasting benefits.

Compassionate Care

In order to create an environment that’s conducive to healing, our physical rehabilitation specialists prioritize your comfort. Our team has undergone rigorous medical training to help ensure that you leave our practice feeling happier and healthier.

Ready to live a life free from chronic pain? Schedule your appointment online, or call us at (704) 525-6288 to discuss your physical rehabilitation demands.


“I suffered from arthritis and had been experiencing pain in my knees and lower back for quite some time. I received instant relief from Dynamic Health without taking any medication.”

Cynthia S.