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Living with chronic pain forces you to change your daily habits and learn how to manage pain. Unfortunately, even if you are dealing with the pain to the best of your ability, changes in your attitude and your general availability (both emotionally and physically) can negatively impact your relationships with others.

At Dynamic Health, we know that chronic pain disorder often comes with a higher price than physical discomfort. That’s why our doctors and therapists work tirelessly to provide our patients with relief and return them to a life of normalcy and intimacy.

Read on to learn the ways in which chronic pain may be affecting your relationships. If you feel any of the following are true in your life, schedule a consultation at Dynamic Health & Pain Management so we can start working on a treatment plan for you.

Relationships and Chronic Pain: Seek a Resolution in Charlotte, North Carolina

Even though you’re familiar with the physical effects of your chronic pain, the emotional effects may go unnoticed. Depending on how much pain you are in, it can change how you relate to people in your life.

Your spouse: Spouses or long-term partners of those living with chronic pain often feel its effects secondhand.

  • Less intimacy
  • More responsibilities as the healthier partner
  • Financial stress due to medical appointments or reduced income

Your children: If you have children, they may have their own struggles with your pain.

  • Confusion
  • Anger because of your reduced availability
  • Guilt if they think they somehow caused your pain

Your non-immediate family and friends: If you are suffering from chronic pain, keeping up with social obligations may fall off your to-do list.

  • Misunderstanding, especially if not aware of the severity of your condition
  • Distance and disconnection

Chronic Pain Diagnosis and Treatment at Dynamic Health

If you feel like chronic pain is affecting your personal relationships, give us a call at (704) 525-6288, or request your complimentary consultation online. Our team can help you find the source of your symptoms, and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan to permanently relieve it.

We have had success working with our patients from all over Charlotte and across western North Carolina. Come see us today to get started on a customized natural healing program.

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Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management