Chronic pain is a disorder that millions of people just like you endure. Far too often, doctors prescribe medication as a means of pain management; however, this merely masks the causes of these persistent pains, not genuine treatment.

So, when does pain become classified as chronic pain?

Chronic Pain Treatment in Charlotte, NC

In terms of duration or severity of pain, chronic pain ranges from mild to excruciating discomfort that lasts more than three months. And this pain has been able to persist for so long because many treatment clinics do not understand how to properly treat ligaments. Furthermore, the technology that would allow a doctor or other medical professional to properly diagnose the issue and measure its treatment has not existed until now.

“Dynamic Health is wonderful. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. They have done a phenomenal job in helping with my back and knee pain. I fully recommend Dynamic Health to anyone who is dealing with chronic pain. They have truly enriched my life. Thank you to all the Doctors, Nurses, and Staff of Dynamic Health. You are awesome!!!!”

- Philip

"Immensely helpful in getting me back to a quality of living 👌 doing some of the things I had missed so much like hiking, biking, and not being so grumpy in chronic pain. They have so much to offer and the staff really cares ❤. I Highly Recommend."

- Charlotte

For some people, the most unattractive characteristic of treating chronic pain has traditionally been a long process—one which many people couldn’t afford and insurance companies didn’t want to cover.

Dynamic Health Carolinas already has nearly 20 years in treating ligament problems. With our multiple advanced technologies, we are equipped with the technology that will vastly improve our ability to diagnose and treat frustrating chronic pains.


"I have had an exceptional experience with Dynamic Health. I give them the utmost respect, not only do they make you feel comfortable with what you are feeling as far as pain. The program that they prescribe for you helps you to help your internal body to heal itself. I think that that is just awsome. I have had other therapy sessions with other facilities, mostly therapeutic sessions and after the allowed number of sessions I still end up with the same pain that returns after a while. So far with Dynamic Health I actually feel myself getting stronger. I will stay with Dynamic Health because I am being healed naturally, no medication is involved. I would recommend Dynamic Health to anyone with chronic pain from injuries. As far as their staff, I would give them all an A+. They are one the reason I keep coming. Very personable and friendly and displays an abundance of expertise. I wish that I had discovered Dynaymic Health long ago."

- Kim

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