Many people across many careers and walks of life encounter pain in their hands or wrists, often citing that “something just isn’t working right.”

Hand or wrist problems can be caused by a variety of conditions, but often the culprit is carpal tunnel syndrome: a combination of ligament problems, muscle recruitment problems, chronic inflammation, joint or bursa problems and nerve problems. Carpal tunnel syndrome can also be caused by nerve problems, core problems and the overuse of the hand or wrist.

Hand & Wrist Pain Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Another cause of hand or wrist pain is arthritis, a disease of the various tissues inside joints. A joint is the point at which two or more bones meet. Arthritis can occur as a result of acute (short term) or chronic (ongoing) inflammation in a joint and its surrounding soft tissues. It can also occur after trauma to the joint (such as a broken finger) or possibly from genetic (heredity) and environmental causes.

Using advanced diagnostics and proven treatment protocols, the medical professionals at Dynamic Health Carolinas take a multidisciplinary approach to relieving your hand and wrist pain.

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“Dynamic Health was different, because they told me exactly what was wrong. With a very open and active atmosphere, I have never been to a medical facility like it. It took just a few weeks and the numbness and tingling went away.”Ben D.

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