Leg pain, loss of feeling, tingling, numbness, burning sensation and weakness can be due to a pinched nerve frequently caused by types of neuropathy or a weak disc.

Specific pain in the back of the leg, past the knee, outside the calf and on the front calfs can be caused by piriformis syndrome, weight problems, damage to the sciatic nerve, injury to the gluteus minimus, low back problems, disc problems and core weakness. Sciatica also has many similar causes and is a common diagnosis. Don’t ignore any of these warning signs.

Leg Pain Treatment Clinic in Charlotte, NC

Using advanced diagnostics and proven treatment protocols, the medical professionals at Dynamic Health Carolinas take a multidisciplinary approach to leg pain relief.

Neuropathy pain treatment is available to you at Dynamic Health Carolinas and could help drastically improve numbness, weakness, and pain caused by nerve damage.

We treat all neuropathy types:

  • Idiopathic neuropathy (unknown cause)
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Post-chemotherapy neuropathy
  • Neuropathy induced by statin drug usage

Why do standard treatments for Neuropathy often have a low rate of success? Many times the patient has not received a complete diagnosis. At Dynamic Health Carolinas, we offer a thorough evaluation to identify your complete diagnosis and then design an individual treatment plan to address each aspect of that diagnosis.

Dynamic Health Carolinas providers explain the symptoms and next steps for treating Neuropathy.

“They have an awesome program that has helped me with managing my neuropathy pain since I began attending. The staff is wonderful and they all have a great deal of compassion for all of their clients”

*Results may vary from person to person. Contact us for more details.

Have you tried Renewed Medicine for Neuropathy? Our treatment protocols focus on helping you:

  • Improve Balance & Stability
  • Increase Blood Flow to Legs & Feet
  • Improve Walking & Mobility
  • Sleep Through the Night without Pain

Schedule your free neuropathy evaluation at Dynamic Health Carolinas today. Your evaluation includes a consultation with a doctor, computerized analysis and up to two X-rays (if indicated). Up to $427 Value*

*If you decide to purchase additional treatment, you have the legal right to change your mind within three days & receive a refund. Some Medicare/Medicaid recipients may not be eligible for the free offer.

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