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If you struggle with chronic, or even occasional, back pain, you need to do everything you can to find relief. For many people, performing specific exercises each day can really do a lot to strengthen the muscles that support their back, which can help to reduce or even eliminate pain. Anytime you are making a change in your exercise routine, you will want to discuss it with your doctor first, but the following exercises have helped many people experience significant relief.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is extremely common and can be quite debilitating. Fortunately, there are a number of stretches and exercises that you can perform that may provide you with some relief. Exercises that strengthen the lower back safely can include:

  • Partial Crunches – Partial crunches help to strengthen your core muscles, which provide your back with the support it needs.
  • Hamstring Stretches – In addition to being great for your legs, a hamstring stretch will loosen up the muscles on your lower back, which may give you relief.
  • Wall Sits – Wall sits offer excellent support for your lower back while helping you to strengthen your legs, core, and other key muscle groups.

Exercises for Mid Back Pain

If your back pain is mid-back, it can be hard to figure out what types of exercises will help. The following have been shown to be effective for many people:

  • Cat-Cow Exercises – This type of exercise really engages the muscles along your spine, which can help to not only strengthen them but also stretch them out for great results.
  • Seated Twist – Sitting straight up and twisting around along your spine using controlled motions helps to loosen up the muscles and strengthen them at the same time.
  • Cobra Pose – This yoga movement helps to remove pressure from the middle of your spine, which can be a big relief.

Exercises for Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can impact not just the back but also the neck and shoulders. Proper exercises can help to relieve this stress and discomfort so you can get your life back to normal. Consider these proven options:

  • Simple Neck Roll – Slowly rolling your head through a complete range of motion helps to strengthen the muscles in the upper back while also helping to improve mobility of your neck.
  • Shoulder Rolls – This exercise engages all the muscles in your upper back as well as the shoulders. It can also help improve posture, which can be very beneficial for those with back pain.
  • Overhead Arm Reaches – This is a great option for the whole back, but it really benefits your upper back. Make sure to perform these exercises with each arm to ensure even results.

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Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management