Benefits of Non-Surgical Chronic Back Pain Treatment

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We Offer Non-Surgical Chronic Back Pain Treatments for those suffering from pain.

As the field of back pain management grows, so do the treatment options available. When weighing your choices, consider non-surgical chronic back pain treatment options, as they hold several advantages to traditional surgery.

At Dynamic Health, we provide Charlotte area residents with a multidisciplinary approach to pain treatment. We offer a team of pain management providers and rehabilitative specialists that are all focused on one goal – stopping your pain and getting you back to living a healthy and active life.

Non-Surgical Chronic Back Pain Treatment Advantages

1. Non-surgical treatment doesn’t force patients to undergo a lengthy recovery period. Individuals who have back surgery typically endure weeks or even months of recovery time. This recovery period can be highly inconvenient, as most patients are precluded from working or performing simple tasks at home.

Many patients continue to experience discomfort while in recovery and may find that the procedure did little to alleviate their back pain symptoms. In contrast, non-surgical treatment methods are often outpatient procedures that allow individuals to resume their daily activities immediately after leaving the clinic.

2. Non-surgical treatments do not come with the health risks that can accompany back surgery. Not only can surgery be ineffective in combating back pain, but it can also cause greater harm to patients in some circumstances.

Spine doctors caution that any invasive procedure includes some risk. Yet, back surgery in particular poses the threat of irreversible spinal damage that can result in more severe pain or even paralysis. Non-invasive pain management procedures, however, rarely come with such health risks.

3. Non-surgical treatments often afford patients a more cost effective pain management option. Depending on the procedure, back surgery can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $85,000 or more. Health insurance may or may not cover these expenses. Also, factors such as lost wages due to recovery time must be considered. Non-invasive pain management treatments can be highly cost effective for most patients.

Treating Pain Management

Servicing individuals in the greater Charlotte area, Dynamic Health offers a wide range of non-invasive pain management alternatives to back surgery.

No matter what part of the body you are experiencing pain, we have a specific set of protocols to help relieve your pain and address the underlying joints and ligaments that are causing your problem.  Our proven SRS Therapy™  treatment protocols address specific areas of the body with a personalized treatment plan. Our medical and therapeutic professionals work together to create a treatment plan to manage your pain and stop pain from managing you – without the use of prescriptions or surgery.

To learn more about non-surgical chronic back pain treatment options, call 704-525-6288 to schedule a consultation. Our spine specialists can effectively address your back pain problems. Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for all the latest in health, wellness and pain management news!

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health

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