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The Charlotte pain management specialists at Dynamic Health offer natural and medicated injection therapy as a way to alleviate acute and chronic pain. This injection therapy reduces swelling around joints/soft tissue and interrupts how pain signals are sent to your brain.

Natural Injection Therapy

Also known as myofascial trigger point therapy, natural injection therapy can help areas of the muscle that have developed hyper-sensitive zones due to the accumulation of toxins and other by-products of injury.

Video fluoroscopy can be used to confirm the source of your pain and deliver medication into spinal areas. Using this technology, we can more accurately determine where to deliver medication, resulting in a higher level of safety.

Medicated Injection Therapy

  • Facet Injections – used to immediately alleviate swelling in the joints and allow the vertebrae to properly move with each other.
  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks – used to treat areas of pain away from the spine, such as shoulders, knees, elbows and wrists.
  • Diagnostic, Selective Nerve Root Blocks and Epidural Steroid Blocks – a block that is performed to determine if a specific spinal nerve root is the source of pain and reduce inflammation around the nerve root, thus decreasing or relieving the pain.

Pain Relieving Products

When it comes to addressing your pain, having access to effective pain relief products can make all the difference. At Dynamic Health, we offer a variety of specialized products and supports that address your pain issue and assist in providing adequate pain relief.

We try to offer you  natural solutions for pain relief. This approach ensures that you avoid the chemical dependency and harmful side effects of prescription medication that can decrease your quality of life. We will work with your primary care physician to co-manage your medications if you require. As your healthcare partner, your overall health and well-being are our main concerns.

Our Charlotte pain management clinic offers a variety of pain relieving products to address local pain topically, anti-inflammatory supplements internally throughout the body, supports to a weak, injured or overused area, and electrical devices which decrease pain by interrupting the neurological pain patterns.

Are you in pain? Use our Personal Pain Navigator to tell us where it hurts. For immediate care, schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 704-525-6288 or use our Contact Form.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health

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