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At Dynamic Health, we take a high-tech approach to healing. To ensure you have access to the best solutions for your pain relief and rehabilitation, our healthcare professionals utilize the latest advances in technology to provide the most accurate diagnosis and the most comprehensive care plan possible. Our sophisticated Charlotte pain management protocols give you fast relief and help rehabilitate the underlying weakness so you can get back to living a healthy and active life.

In order to talk about the high-tech science behind pain management, we should first tackle the science of pain. The English word “pain” comes from Old French (peine), Latin (poena – meaning punishment or pain), or Ancient Greek (poine – a word more related to penalty), or a combination of all three. Pain is a very individual experience – we all feel pain in different ways and only the person who is experiencing it can describe the pain properly. That’s why our treatment protocols are personalized to fit the person, not the symptom.

A scientific explanation of “ouch, that hurts” looks something like this: “Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.” That’s the International Association for the Study of Pain’s widely used definition. It’s a serviceable understanding of pain, but we need to learn more about how we feel pain and why it hurts – the better we understand it, the better we can treat it.

In this TED talk by world-renowned pain researcher Lorimer Mosele, he explains (rather humorously) the science of pain. Are we actually experiencing pain, or is it all an illusion? Check it out:

Charlotte Pain Management

Before our specialists at Dynamic Health can truly treat your pain, we have to understand its cause. We use multiple treatment protocols to identity the root cause of your symptoms. One of the most innovative and exciting technologies our multi-disciplinary medical facility utilizes is video fluoroscopy.

A fluoroscope projects X-rays onto a fluorescent screen, allowing them to be viewed in real time. Recently, because of rapid improvement in television and video technology, it has become possible to record these images on computer monitors for closer evaluation. Not only does video fluoroscopy provide images more quickly than traditional X-rays, it also allows doctors to observe an area in motion to look for damage or improper functioning.

Video fluoroscopy provides clear images of soft tissue, allowing doctors to detect injuries like whiplash that do not damage bones but can still cause severe pain and mobility difficulties. Video fluoroscopy has all the advantages of traditional X-rays, and it produces images that are instantly viewable.

At Dynamic Health, we use video fluoroscopy as a diagnostic tool to allow us to view the full extent of your injuries. This technology provides clear, high-contrast images of your injured or strained tissue in motion, which allow us to see any disrupted functioning, like joints that may have become misaligned. These video X-rays give us a clear, comprehensive view of your injury, providing insight into how we can effectively relieve your pain.

Video fluoroscopy is just one of many state-of-the-art tools we use to diagnose and treat pain. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, don’t wait any longer. Schedule a Charlotte pain management appointment by calling us at 704-525-6288 today. We schedule initial appointments within one to three days after your phone call, so you can start feeling better right away.

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Stem Cell Weight Loss Programs Pain Management