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consulting with a pain management specialist is imperative to achieving lasting results.

The key to effective and lasting pain relief is accurately diagnosing its cause. Because pain can develop from many sources, finding the root of it on your own can be challenging. That’s why consulting with a pain management specialist is imperative to achieving lasting results.

Only qualified spine doctors can administer necessary diagnostic testing and evaluate the results to determine the source of your pain. Your participation, however, is crucial to the diagnostic process. Below, we’ve outlined a few steps to outline how you can take an active role in your pain management.

Patient History

The specialists as Dynamic Health will need to know as much as possible about your medical history to create a context in which to ascertain the source of your pain. Because chronic pain can stem from seemingly unrelated events or older injuries, it’s essential that you do not withhold any information that may play a part in determining the root cause. Once all pertinent information is received, your pain management provider can administer the proper testing procedures.

Neurological and Orthopedic Exams

After a detailed medical history has been established, the next step is to undergo the necessary neurological and orthopedic examinations. Neurological testing will either highlight or rule out causes of pain that pertain to your nervous system. Orthopedic tests evaluate the health and balance of your bones and tissues, including your joints, ligaments and muscles. By performing both types of diagnostic examinations, your doctor can better pinpoint the cause of your pain.

Digital X-Rays and Diagnostics

Under some circumstances, pain management specialists may recommend digital X-rays and other diagnostic tools such as video fluoroscopy. Digital X-rays allow our clinic to have immediate results for your diagnostic exam. The quality of our imaging system allows for a more accurate diagnosis and that means better treatment and a faster recovery. Your X-ray may underscore such issues as spinal misalignment or torn tissues, which will aid your spine specialists in administering an appropriate course of action for treatment.

Video fluoroscopy ensures that we have the most exact picture of the problem area that science can provide. By using this equipment, the accuracy and safety of the treatment is significantly improved. It allows the provider to specifically see, confirm and deliver natural or medicated injections into spinal areas. Some specific services include facet joint injections, peripheral nerve blocks, nerve root or steroid blocks, epidural blocks, etc.

Pain Management Specialists

Our total pain management approach combines some of the best treatments with breakthrough technology to relieve your pain. The most common result is an improved quality of life that can help you feel like yourself again and return you to a healthy and active lifestyle. Our pain management doctors offer a high rate of success in restoring your health and achieving lasting pain relief.

Don’t let chronic pain impede your enjoyment of life. Let our pain management specialists restore your health and vitality with our comprehensive pain management protocols. We offer new client appointments within one to three days, and we are one of the only pain management clinics to provide imaging-guided injections without a long wait.

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Learn more about services at Dynamic Health

Stem Cell Weight Loss Programs Pain Management