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Charlotte Pain Management Diagnostic Tools

Back and neck pain are extremely common among adults of all ages—and while some episodes are the result of overuse injuries or an acute injury, other instances of back pain may be caused by more serious underlying conditions. Fortunately, the Charlotte pain management specialists at Dynamic Healthutilize a number of advanced diagnostic tools.

Our goal is to treat your condition, not just manage your pain. To achieve this goal, every patient receives a thorough exam that includes patient history, neurological and orthopedic evaluation, and diagnostic X-rays when necessary. This results in a more accurate working diagnosis.

Medical History Questionnaire

A patient medical history questionnaire not only helps your spine doctor establish a baseline assessment of your overall health but can also be used as a valuable diagnostic tool. For example, information regarding your family history of disease, current medications, signs and symptoms, previous surgeries, and lifestyle habits can all provide your physician with the information they need to rule out certain conditions.

Selective Nerve Root Blocks

After reviewing your medical history and performing a physical exam, your spine doctor may recommend a selective nerve root block (SNRB). This type of injection utilizes an anti-inflammatory medication and numbing agent to temporarily numb a specific nerve root. By assessing whether or not the injection results in pain relief, your spine doctor can utilize selective nerve root blocks to successfully diagnose the specific source of your pain.

Epidural Steroid Blocks

As with selective nerve root blocks, epidural steroid blocks are used to determine if a specific nerve is causing pain. However, unlike SNRB, which are delivered where the nerve exits the foramen—the hole between the vertebral bodies—epidural steroid blocks are delivered into your epidural space via the sacral gap, between two vertebral bones or through the foramina openings.

Video Fluoroscope

Many chiropractic clinics and pain management doctors employ the use of a video fluoroscope. This innovative tool allows your physician to create a three-dimensional x-ray video of the your musculoskeletal structures—enabling them to better view the area causing pain and create a more accurate treatment plan.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays allow our clinic to have immediate results for your diagnostic exam. The quality of our imaging system allows for a more accurate diagnosis and a more accurate diagnosis, means better treatment and a faster recovery.

Charlotte Pain Management

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