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Common Causes of Chronic Back Pain

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Some patients have coped with back pain for so long that they’ve just grown to tolerate the discomfort. Doing so without understanding the source of that could keep you from living life to the fullest and may even result in further injury. Continue reading to learn more about back pain and what kind of treatments may be recommended. 

Common Causes and Treatments for Back Pain

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain includes discomfort you may be experiencing in your neck or shoulders. While every situation is unique, the most common causes of pain in this region of the back include irritation to the surrounding muscles or joint dysfunction. 

Poor posture due to long hours in front of your computer or overuse of your shoulders due to sports or hobbies can lead to serious back pain. Other causes could include whiplash from car accidents or an injury that affects the muscles or ligaments that support your spine. Depending on the severity of your condition or underlying injury, your health provider may recommend rest, exercise, massage, or over-the-counter pain medication. 

Causes of Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain refers to discomfort along your spine between the base of your neck and the bottom of your ribcage which includes twelve vertebrae. 

Just as poor posture can create pain in your upper spine, this is one of the most common causes of pain in your middle back. Pain could also be a result of the extra effort required of the spine to support extra weight due to obesity. Pain due to a sports injury, a car accident, or a herniated disc are considered more serious and may require more invasive treatment to correct. Treatments for middle back pain could include physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, muscle relaxers, or steroid injections.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

If you are experiencing lower back pain, there are a number of underlying conditions that could be contributing to your discomfort. Some of the possible reasons for lower back pain might include: 

  • core weakness
  • congenital defects
  • disc issues
  • muscular or ligament injuries

Treatment will vary depending on the condition, but participating in low-impact exercise and spending adequate time stretching before a physical activity can go a long way to prevent lower back pain.

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Our goal at Dynamic Health is to help diagnose your pain and use a multi-disciplinary approach to treat your back pain. Our Pain Management Clinic utilizes proven Pain Management Treatments to create a health plan specifically for you. Don’t suffer through another day of back pain. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation and start your journey toward healing today.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management