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Camp Blue Skies Event

The driving force behind why we are a part of Dynamic Health is helping people live a better quality of life. That, however, isn’t limited to our professional lives; it means a lot to us on a personal level. And the idea of quality for your life extends beyond the physical, tasking us with finding a sense of happiness emotionally and psychologically.

That is why we work with Camp Blue Skies, a wonderful organization that enhances the live of adults with developmental disabilities. They accomplish this through varied activities that include recreation, socialization, and life skills education—some of the true keystones for a quality life.

But this wonderful organization cannot do all of this alone.

Camp Blue Skies Presents the Hooked on Camp Fishing Derby

On September 11th, 2015, Dr. Peter Cox and all of us at Dynamic Health in Charlotte, North Carolina, are the proud title sponsor of this annual fundraiser.

20 anglers will spend the morning with professional guides to enjoy an incomparable experience of large-mouth bass and bream fishing on the private lake at YMCA Camp Harrison, which serves as the home of Camp Blue Skies NC.

At the event, you will see some familiar faces, including:

  • Gene Vaughan and John Lenhart—key derby organizers
  • Brookes Runkle—REDLINE Design Group
  • John Wendel—NBC Charlotte meteorologist

The cost to participate in the derby is $1,000 with $900 being tax deductible. This money directly supports the mission of Camp Blue Skies. If you would like to add your name to the wait-list, please e-mail

Be Dynamic with Generosity

There are other opportunities in which your generosity can greatly help. Unfortunately, the camper application for the two 2015 camp sessions are closed; however, both we and Camp Blue Skies encourage you to stay informed about future sessions. You can submit your contact information here for a Blue Skies representative to reach you.

In addition to volunteering for these future camps, you can also help send a camper to one of these sessions. It is a $350 fee, but that’s only a fraction of the cost to actually send the camper. This generous tuition donation is a contribution to help bridge the gap. It’s thanks to generosity like this that these deserving adults get to attend.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management