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Summer is well on its way, which means many people are beginning to feel the dread of shorts and swimsuit season. But here at Dynamic Health, we’re happy to offer a simple, non-invasive solution—the Verjú Laser System.

Verjú Laser Treatments Lead to Lasting Weight Loss

If you read our previous blog about Verjú Laser therapy, you’ll have learned the basics. This blog will take a deeper dive into what industry experts have to say about this revolutionary technology.

Below is a video from Charlotte Today where Dr. Peter Cox and Dixie Winslow from Dynamic Health discuss the benefits of Verjú Laser treatments.

Dr. Cox begins with a brief overview of how the system works. The non-invasive green laser rotates on the target area and opens the fat cells to release the fat. As the laser does its work, patients feel nothing, not even warmth. There is also no downtime post-treatment, which means you can carry on with your day immediately.

The Verjú is FDA-cleared to reduce the circumference of a patient’s belly, hips, or thighs by one inch after two weeks and six treatments.

Unlike many other weight loss systems, the Verjú is not temporary. The results last, and it helps patients jumpstart a journey to better lifelong health.  

Next, we heard from Dixie Winslow, who works at Dynamic Health and underwent 12 Verjú treatments. These treatments helped her drop 10.5 inches and two pants sizes. Winslow also testifies that Verjú helped her jumpstart into a healthier lifestyle.

To see the results for yourself, check out the video or watch any of the others posted on our site. If you have questions or would like to share your results with us, feel free to contact our team of experts.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health

Stem Cell Weight Loss Programs Pain Management