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Hair loss can be a pain to deal with and can lead to feelings of anxiety, frustration, and more. This is especially true if you’re dealing with an inconvenient or disruptive balding pattern, or if you’re experiencing different associated symptoms such as scalp irritation or redness. Thankfully, if you’re dealing with hair loss, you aren’t alone.


Read on to learn more about DIY techniques and other tricks you can try at home today to support your hair’s natural growth and restoration.


Does DIY hair restoration work? 

These DIY hair restoration techniques can help to support your hair’s regrowth effectively and safely, depending on the cause of your hair loss. Seeing a practitioner before beginning treatment is always recommended to ensure that you’re doing the right thing for your unique health needs.


What methods can I try to encourage hair growth at home? 

There are many different ways to encourage natural hair growth at home. Many of these solutions rely on essential oils and plant essences, as these elements have naturally-occurring compounds that work synergistically with your body to encourage more dense hair growth. 

  • Intensive scalp massages: This technique works to stimulate blood flow around the scalp area, and can be especially helpful in combating hair loss. 
  • Avoiding heat treatments: This is more of a thing to avoid, but can also contribute to your hair’s natural growth. Heat can be drying, robbing your hair of the nutrients and components it needs to grow healthily. 
  • Indulge in masks: Caffeine masks and rosemary water have been especially helpful to stimulate hair growth naturally. 


Do DIY hair growth methods work to alleviate pain and other symptoms with my hair loss? 

If you’re dealing with other symptoms, such as pain and discomfort in addition to hair loss, consider seeking medical assistance to confirm that the hair loss isn’t a part of a bigger medical issue. You may also want to be seen for professional or medicated treatment options to address your condition more proactively.


Looking for hair loss treatment options in Charlotte? 

If you’re dealing with hair loss, Dynamic Health Carolinas wants to assist. We offer growth-stimulating PRP shots that are designed to assist you in regenerating your hair’s natural body and growth pattern. Keep browsing our website for more information, and feel welcome to schedule an appointment to begin your hair restoration today. We look forward to serving you.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management