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Keep. Pounding.

It’s never been a better time to live in Charlotte. Panthers fans from across the Carolinas and beyond are looking forward to Super Bowl 50, and you can feel the energy in town.

The impact of this season cannot be understated as fans have flocked to see the NFL’s best team, and we don’t even measure that by the number of points they put up. The Panthers have had a tremendously positive effect on our community, and anticipation for the big game is palpable.

Ahead of this weekend’s festivities, your friends at Dynamic Health would like to offer up our Super Bowl predictions, as well as some advice on how to celebrate in the event we’re correct.

Super Bowl 50 Predictions by the Dynamic Health Team

Coin Toss: Since we’re talking about a coin, we should start by saying that we don’t have anything riding on these predictions. They’re just for fun! With that out of the way, we think the coin will land on tails (whether it actually flips or not) and that the Broncos will win. The winner of the coin toss at the beginning of the game doesn’t traditionally have much impact on the score at the end, so we’re comfortable calling this one for the other team.

First Score: Following our coin toss prediction, the Broncos will opt to kick the ball first, and you know what that means. Cam Newton’s offense has been nearly unstoppable in the first half of each playoff game. With Michael Oher protecting his blind side, one of the hardest working runningbacks in the league in Jonathan Stewart, and a cohort of talented wide receivers led by Ted Ginn, Jr., we have no trouble predicting that the Panthers will march down the field on the first possession and punch it into the endzone.

Halftime Show: It’s hard to keep track of who is performing at the Super bowl 50 halftime show. Coldplay is headlining, but at some point, someone must have decided they weren’t exciting enough on their own. Now Bruno Mars and none other than Beyoncé are also expected to make appearances, as well as Gustavo Dudamel with members of the Youth Orchestra Los Angeles. The last time the Panthers made it to the league championship, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson gave people a lot to talk about. This time, we’re predicting that there won’t be any sort of memorable wardrobe malfunctions.

Final Score: After the first possession, both teams will likely get their emotions under control. It won’t be any surprise at all if it’s actually a low-scoring game. If Newton is our hero, then he’s matched by a well-portrayed villain in Von Miller and the Denver D. Venerable warhorse Peyton Manning is not to be underestimated either (although we dare say he could probably benefit from making an appointment with us after the season). DHPM is calling Super Bowl 50 to end with a score of Panthers 17, Broncos 13. Get ready to sweat, but expect victory to be that much sweeter.

How to Celebrate: Learn to “Dab on ‘em” Like Cam Newton

In their moment of triumph, how will you celebrate the Panthers’ victory? There’s really only one way that’s appropriate after this season.

“Dab on them folks.”

Lots of people have been talking about Cam Newton this season. He’s at the top of the conversation for league MVP for one thing. But they’ve also been talking about his moves, and none are more notable than the dab.

The beauty of the dab is that it’s very simple, and you can learn to do it without putting your body under unnecessary stress. Here’s your step-by-step dabbing lesson.


  • Raise one arm up. Your arm should be almost perpendicular to your body, and it should be bent at about a 90-degree angle.


  • Incline your head. Tilt your head toward your elbow, and let the rest of your body follow it naturally. You may find taking a step when you do this will help. It should look like you’re sneezing into your elbow. (If you suffer from neck or upper back pain, be gentle).
  • Switch. If the occasion calls for it, repeat the dab with your other arm.

Important Note: Authorities on the subject would like to impress that dabbing is more than a dance – it’s a way of fashion. What’s important is how you carry yourself, not your execution of the move itself. We recommend that you dab like our quarterback, Cam Newton: Be happy for yourself and your teammates, but don’t disrespect others. Be confident. Have fun.

If dabbing isn’t your style, Cam’s Superman pose is always an acceptable alternative.

Get into the Game at the Dynamic Super Bowl Party

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for the weekend to start partying. That’s why we’re hosting an all-day Super Bowl party at our clinic Thursday, February 4.

We’re serving food all day long, and we’re raffling off prizes. You can earn tickets by visiting, showing your Panthers spirit, and referring your family and friends to us. 

If all of that wasn’t enough, we’re offering first-time patients a free visit (valued at up to $120), which includes a consultation and up to 2 x-rays.

The staff at Dynamic Health hopes to see all of you this Thursday or before. Keep pounding. Go Panthers!

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Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management