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IV Process Therapy

Did you know? According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, 31% of Americans are at risk of at least one vitamin deficiency.

Considering vitamins are essential in everything from regulating hormones, creating strong bones, and healing wounds, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the optimal amount to support you.

Bioavailability — the amount of nutrients you absorb — differs for each vitamin and is affected by several factors, like gut health; and many only absorb around 20-80% of oral vitamins. Choosing to renew through IV therapy is the best possible option, bypassing the digestive system and allows you to increase vitamin absorption rate by 99.9%.


What Are The Benefits Of IV Therapy Renewal? 

Here’s what you should know about IV therapy renewal, courtesy of one of the top Charlotte pain clinics. 

Feel More Energized 

Do you reach for your coffee cup first thing in the morning, and keep refilling it throughout the day just to “make it?” Fatigue from life stressors affects millions of people daily — and, fortunately, IV therapy can help.

Vitamin B complex, for example, is known to increase performance and improve focus. Vitamin C has been shown to fight fatigue and stress, and amino acids like taurine convert fatty acids into energy to help us power through the day — without the constant sugary drinks.

It’s not just the nutrients that give you an energy boost. The IV fluid also instantly rehydrates you to combat dehydration, which is a leading cause of exhaustion.

Recover Faster 

Your immune system is one of the first lines of defense to protect you from an infection and help you recover from an existing one. IV therapy supports your immune system by providing additional nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and zinc. 

Retain Your Natural Glow 

A healthy glow starts from the inside out. The antioxidants in IV therapy fight oxidative stress and free radicals that build up in cells, damage tissue, and speed up the aging process. Beyond this, Vitamins B and E given by IV therapy promote healthy nail and hair growth, and Vitamin C gives your body a collagen boost to reverse the appearance of wrinkles from UV damage. 

Whole-Body Wellness at Dynamic Health Carolinas 

Every wellness journey at Dynamic Health Carolinas is customized based on what you need. Whether you’re looking to feel more vitality in life or treat a degenerative medical condition like arthritis, renew IV therapy can help you feel like you again. 


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Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management