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While you may not think it, our necks and backs go through strenuous activities daily. Even something as common as looking down at your cellphone takes a toll on your body.

According to an article in Surgical Technology International, “… if your head tilts forward 45 degrees, the pressure [on your neck] increases from 10 to 12 pounds to a whopping 49 pounds.” Now, think about how many times you pull out your phone in just an hours’ time.

Daily tasks such as this can cause bulging discs in the lower, mid, and upper back and neck. Living with chronic pain caused by bulging discs leads to a decreased quality of life and can take enjoyment out of activities you once loved.

Find Relief From Bulging Discs at Dynamic Health

A bulging disc is when one of the gel-filled discs located between your spine’s vertebrae becomes damaged. This causes the disk to push into the spinal canal causing symptoms such as severe pain in your neck, shoulders, chest, arms, and back. Numbness or weakness in your arms or fingers are also common symptoms amongst patients with bulging disks.

Here at Dynamic Health, we use the latest technology to determine the precise location of your bulging disc in order to create the best plan of treatment. Services such as digital x-rays, heart rate variability tests, and electromyography/nerve conduction velocity evaluations are able to give us a better sense of the condition of your back and neck along with any nerves that may be affected by your bulging discs.

We are even the first in the Carolinas, and one of only six practices in the country, to offer vertebral motion analysis. Not only does this test have a third less radiation than traditional x-rays, but it is able to more accurately detect problem areas in the spine than any other test currently available. With these tools, we will be able to give you a more accurate diagnosis.

According to your diagnosis, a patient-specific treatment plan will be outlined. Our highly skilled medical professionals will then follow the treatment plan and walk with you along the road to recovery. We understand the importance of creating a positive and healing atmosphere, and our staff is always available to support you during your time of healing.

Because of our unique approach, we have helped countless patients in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area say goodbye to their back pain. Isn’t it time you were one of them?

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Over time, bulging disks have the potential to become a herniated disk, or a fully ruptured disk. This is why you need to seek diagnosis and treatment immediately so you can avoid an even more serious condition.

So, give us a call today for your free evaluation. There is no reason you should continue to live with chronic pain caused by bulging discs.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management