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Overcome Type 2 Diabetes By Exposing These Myths

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Type 2 diabetes is a constant struggle for those who live with it. Having to regularly monitor your blood sugar, watch what you eat, and take medications can become a huge commitment for your time and finances. With almost 29,100,000 cases in the United States, plenty of myths have sprung up about the disease.

Dynamic Health in Charlotte want to bust some of these misconceptions. We offer treatment that can help you get your type 2 diabetes under control.

Watch Out for These Common Type 2 Diabetes Myths

Myths can keep you uninformed about diabetes, and complicate treatment. Knowing the truth behind these misconceptions can help you take control of the disease and your life.

Myth: Only Overweight People Get Type 2 Diabetes

Fact: It is true that being overweight or obese can increase your risks of type 2 diabetes, but several factors come into play for getting type 2 diabetes, like genetics and lifestyle. This means it is possible an obese person to go their whole lives without becoming diabetic, and a thin person could get the disease.

Myth: Consuming Sugar Causes Type 2 Diabetes

Truth: As we’ve mentioned, obesity can increase your risk of diabetes, but sugar itself is not the culprit. Since diabetic insulin intolerance makes it harder to break down sugar, it can be easy to blame sugar for causing the disease. However, any weight gain can contribute. Having an extra slice of chocolate cake or butterscotch pie won’t make you diabetic.

Even once a person has type 2 diabetes, sugary foods are not completely off-limits. If taken as a part of a balanced diet, and carefully monitored, you can still enjoy your favorite desserts.

Myth: The Symptoms Are Easy to Spot

Truth: Despite the seriousness of diabetes, it can go undetected. Often the symptoms associated with it are not severe enough to warrant a visit to the doctor’s office. People can go years without being diagnosed.

Myth: It is Easy to Tell Blood Sugar Levels on Your Own

Truth: Many people think they can determine what their blood sugar level is, based on how they feel. However, people with diabetes can have high blood sugar for a while before they begin to notice signs. In fact, people can lose sensitivity to these symptoms over time. You should closely monitor blood sugar at all times.

Myth: You Have to Inject Yourself with Insulin

Truth: There is a common belief that anyone who has diabetes needs to inject themselves with insulin. In fact, many with type 2 diabetes don’t need to take insulin at all. Since type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin intolerance, flooding the body with the hormone can often do more harm than good.

With treatments from Dynamic Health, you can overcome the disease, and avoid insulin injections. We focus on the cause of type 2 diabetes and not just the symptoms. Hear some of our success stories.

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Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

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