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How Posture Provides Relief for Chronic Pain

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Good posture can have more effects on your body than you may realize. In fact, if you’re suffering from chronic back pain, improving your posture may help.

Learn about how posture can be an integral part of back pain rehabilitation below.

The Facts About Physical Rehabilitation and Posture

Most people don’t realize how their everyday actions can affect their pain levels. One perfect example: posture. Slouching has become a natural part of many people’s lives. Here are just a few everyday activities that often result in people hunching over:

  • Leaning over while working on the computer
  • Picking up large objects
  • Carrying heavy items

Stress can also impact posture, and given that the majority of Americans experience moderate to high stress, this makes poor posture a common occurrence. In addition, weakened or tense muscles, which can be the result of other medical conditions or injury, can lead to bad posture.

So how does posture lead to back pain? Good posture ensures your vertebrae are correctly aligned and helps you avoid increased muscle tension or tightness — and, subsequently, pain — in the back.

While improving posture sounds easy, it takes deliberate and thoughtful action on a regular basis. If you’re experiencing back pain, here are a few ways to improve your posture during your regular workday.

3 Ways to Improving Your Posture at Work

Back Exercises

Set reminders to do this simple back exercise during your workday: place your hands on your thighs and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Do not raise your shoulders while completing this action, and keep your chin level. Hold for several seconds, and then release. Repeat this multiple times during breaks.


Take time out of your workday to do upper body and arm stretches. How do you hold yourself accountable and make it fun? Get your entire office onboard to take a few stretch breaks every day.

Use a Lumbar Cushion

Using a lumbar cushion on your office chair helps prevent you from slouching while working. You can also use a rolled-up sweatshirt or blanket to place at your lower back instead.

While improving posture can help with your back pain, it’s important to also diagnose or rule out any other factors. We recommend consulting with a medical professional who can help diagnose your pain with a holistic mindset. If you’re looking for a pain management treatment in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dynamic Heath can help you find physical rehabilitation near you.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management