PRP for Hair Loss: What It Is and How It Works

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Two out of every three men will experience some hair loss by age 35, and more than eight out of 10 will do so by age 50. Women aren’t immune either, with more than 50% experiencing some form of hair loss.

Creams and medication often bring unwanted side effects with unpredictable results. And hair restoration surgeries are expensive and don’t actually address the underlying cause of the hair loss.

Many people in more recent years have instead been turning to PRP for hair loss, or Platelet-Rich Plasma.

Guide to PRP for Hair Loss

How PRP for Hair Loss Works

Platelets contain healing growth factors and proteins. When injected into the body, these platelets act as messengers and instruct the existing cells to heal and regenerate. When used for hair loss treatment, regenerative therapy works to reverse the course of the diminishing hair follicles and promote hair thickening as well as growth of new hair.

What Conditions May Be Treated

While PRP may be effective for other types of hair loss, it is most useful in treating androgenetic alopecia, or what’s more commonly referred to as male pattern baldness.

The best candidates for PRP hair loss treatment are men and women who are in the earlier stages of hair loss and have small or isolated areas of hair loss or thinning of the hair in areas where the hair follicles are still functioning.

Effectiveness of PRP for Hair Loss

Despite being a relatively new procedure, PRP’s use for hair loss has already shown to be effective.

  • A study that appeared in the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery found that most PRP injections reduced hair loss and increased the diameter of hairs and the density of hair growth.
  • Dermatologic Surgery published the findings of 19 separate studies of PRP for hair loss treatment and found that most studies reported the regrowth of hair in those with androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.
  • And for women, the International Journals of Women’s Dermatology published a review of clinical studies and concluded that PRP was a “promising” treatment for hair loss.

PRP is a popular and effective hair loss treatment in Charlotte, NC, and beyond.

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