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Warm weather is here to stay, so golfers are excited to dust off their clubs and hit the links! Golf is a great way to stay active and enjoy nature in a competitive setting. However, golf is a sport that requires flexibility and strength in many parts of the body simultaneously. If you experience chronic pain, golfing can be a very strenuous activity. Here are four most common golf injuries (and how to avoid them).

1. Back – Golf swings put a lot of stress on back muscles. Swinging and putting are both done in a hunched-over stance that can put excess strain on back muscles. To avoid injury, be sure to warm up and stretch your back before hitting the links. One good stretch for back muscles is to lay down and slowly bring your knee to your chest.

2. Golfer’s Elbow – Inflammation and soreness of the elbow is common in repetitive motion tasks like golf swings. Similar to tennis elbow, this injury can occur by putting repeated stress on the elbow joint over time. If rest does not cause the inflammation to go down, or it is a chronic condition, consult a pain specialist at Dynamic Health right away.

3. Shoulder – Shoulder injuries in golf often occur in the rotator cuff. This is because the motion of golf requires a twisting motion in the torso, and well as strength in the back. This puts unnatural strain on the back and can lead to pain. Proper form can prevent the most egregious injuries, but a pain specialist should treat chronic pain as soon as possible.

4. Knee – The twisting motion of a golf swing can increase pressure on knee joints. The bending and rotation of a full swing can lead to several types of overuse injuries in joints. To avoid serious complications, try wearing spike-less golf shoes to decrease stress on knees.

Golf is a fantastic way to stay healthy and enjoy the warm summer months. However, the motion of a golf swing can put a lot of strain on various parts of the body. If you find yourself with chronic pain that prevents you from getting out on the course, schedule an appointment with Charlotte’s best pain management specialists for a sports injury rehabilitation session today!

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Learn more about services at Dynamic Health

Stem Cell Weight Loss Programs Pain Management