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Are you thinking about UltraSlim®? Many people have, and now they can’t stop thinking about their new body. 


UltraSlim® Cold Light is a procedure designed for fast weight loss performed right here at Dynamic Health. If you’re thinking about UltraSlim® or looking for a proven method to reduce stomach fat, read below to learn more about this weight loss alternative.

What is UltraSlim® Cold Light?

UltraSlim® Cold Light utilizes a specific type of red light that tricks the mitochondria of the nucleus in fat cells into creating a transitory pore. What does that mean in more simplified terms? It means fatty acids are given an escape route where they can be processed by the liver as part of your body’s natural detoxification. In other words, UltraSlim allows your body to fight fat naturally. 

Does It Work?

UltraSlim® Cold Light has been proven to be both effective and fast-acting. Patients can expect to lose anywhere from 2.5 to 10 inches off their waistline. And what’s even better is that the weight comes off in just one day. Read some of our testimonials to hear from some of our patients who received the UltraSlim® Cold Light procedure right here at Dynamic Health.

Is UltraSlim® Safe?

UltraSlim® Cold Light is safe, non-invasive, American-made, and FDA-approved. There is zero pain involved and the procedure is suitable for all types of patients. The UltraSlim® operates at the cellular level and the light does not generate any heat. In fact, UltraSlim® Cold Light is the only fat reduction device classified in Risk Group 1, which is the lowest risk category. 

How Much Recovery Time Is Needed?

None. You can go shopping for new clothes on the very same day of your procedure. 

Where Can UltraSlim® be Found?

Dynamic Health is the only clinic in Charlotte, NC, to offer the UltraSlim® Cold Light system. 

Make an Appointment for UltraSlim® in Charlotte, NC

If you’re still thinking about UltraSlim®, set up a free consultation with our team. We are now accepting virtual appointments for the safety of our clients and staff. Give us a call and begin thinking about your new body.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management