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How Does UltraSlim® Compare to Other Weight Loss Programs?

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Losing weight can be a difficult task. You might feel like you’ve tried everything with little to no results. If you’ve been struggling with other weight loss programs, the UltraSlim® laser treatment at Dynamic Health may be able to give you the quick results you’ve been looking for.

Read on to find out how UltraSlim® compares to other weight loss programs.

How the UltraSlim Laser Compares to Other Weight Loss Programs

What is UltraSlim?

UltraSlim® is a laser weight loss treatment that is helping people shed inches of fat quickly and easily. It uses a special kind of red light to unlock your fat cells, letting fatty acids and triglycerides harmlessly slip out and be passed through your body.

This advanced treatment option is completely painless and comes with no downtime. Many patients report losing between 2.5 and 10 inches from their waist, helping them kick off their weight loss and feel great.

But how does UltraSlim® stack up to other popular weight loss programs?

Surgical Solutions

Weight loss surgical procedures, like lap band surgery and gastric sleeve surgery, are some of the more invasive options. Many of these require full general anesthesia and come with significant downtime, often including hospital stays.

This is in sharp contrast to the quick in-and-out treatment you get with UltraSlim®, meaning this option should be limited to people who are living with extreme obesity.


Like bariatric surgery, liposuction targets a specific kind of patient. In this case, the target patients are those who are already at or very near their weight loss goals. In fact, liposuction is really only intended as a way to eliminate or reduce the last few stubborn deposits of fat after you’ve finished another program.

Liposuction is also a surgical option, albeit a minimally invasive one. As a result, it also comes with negative effects like scarring, pain, and downtime.

Diet Control and Exercise

Regular exercise and calorie intake control still are, and likely will always be the best long-term solution for weight loss. However, diet and exercise take a long time to work.

UltraSlim® can help by giving you the quick results you need to get on board with improving your own diet and exercise routine.

Fad Diets

We wanted to take a moment here to differentiate fad diets from regular calorie control. We’ve all tried this kind of program before. Whether they’re found online, in a book, or on a daytime talk show, these diets spring up from time to time and take the world by storm by promising some secret to quick weight loss.

Unlike UltraSlim®, fad diets are almost always ineffective, and even more frequently ineffective in the long term. Most of these fail because people don’t treat them the way a diet should be treated. “Diet” comes from the Greek “diaita” roughly translating to “way of life.” This means diets should be systematic lifestyle changes and not quick fixes or miracle cures.

Many fad diets are also potentially harmful to your health, cutting out necessary foods and nutrients from your system. Take great care to research all sides of the research on any diet you elect to go on.

Weight Loss Pills

Like fad diets, weight loss pills are also almost never worth the time. Though the safety of these pills is tested by the FDA, their effectiveness in burning fat is not. Even with testing, many of these pills and supplements end up getting pulled for negative side effects that arise after they are released.

Unlike diet pills, UltraSlim® is effective for a majority of patients.

Jumpstart your weight loss with the UltraSlim® laser weight loss program. Schedule an appointment at Dynamic Health to find out how it can help you. Contact us at (704) 525-6288 if you have any questions.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health

Stem Cell Weight Loss Programs Pain Management