Dr. Peter Cox, DC

Chiropractic Physician
1996 U.S. Olympic Athlete
Healthcare Management & Business Development

I’ve injured my back several times over the years as a result of training heavily in fencing since I was a freshman in high school and through my time at Penn State University. Even though I felt fine, my back was developing conditions that I wouldn’t know about until years later. In 1992, a neurosurgeon told me that my career in fencing was over because of three herniated discs in my lower back and one that was ruptured.

That same neurosurgeon recommended I look into chiropractic care to treat the severe condition that had developed. Learning that I had other options other than back surgery, I discovered Chiropractic. As you can guess, it changed my life. I had such a great recovery that I trained and competed 7 days a week for the next four years, nationally and internationally. I eventually became the number one fencer in the United States and the highest ranking member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Fencing Team.

Now, as a chiropractor and healthcare manager, I strive to have our team provide the highest level of patient care in the Carolinas. My experiences as an athlete, being treated nationally and internationally, made me discover and coin the term for the missing piece to many patient’s care: “ligament remodeling”. This element is so important to the healing of the body. Dynamic Health Carolinas has an awesome team and, of course, the highest technology available to help patients and specifically address ligament remodeling demands. We believe the greater and more diverse amount of options we can provide to patients, the better the odds are that we will be able to offer relief, diagnosis management, and even correction to these healthcare challenges.

I understand that I will always have the spine and the body that I was given. I would never trade my life experiences and accomplishments for anything, however, I want to enjoy my life and be able to continue to provide solutions to health care problems for years to come. That means I will always be aware of degenerative changes in my body that will only worsen with time and neglect. This is one of the reasons you will find only the best that chiropractic and the medical world has to offer, specifically in regards to equipment and knowledge at Dynamic Health Carolinas. We would only use the best for our families, team members, and patients.

You will receive all that we can offer, no more and no less. Your health and our reputation are at stake. These are the believes and ideals that groomed and developed me as a doctor, athlete, and person. These are the beliefs that will allow each individual to heal, manage degenerative conditions, and live their dreams in the future, as they choose.

Chiropractic and working with a team to help people live healthy and active lives is my life and I hope that you, and your loved ones, choose to experience all that we can offer. It can change your life. Just ask the people around you.