Why Stem Cell Therapy in Charlotte, NC

Regenerative medicine is gaining momentum as a valuable treatment option for those who suffer from chronic pain or degenerative diseases. At Dynamic Health we combine the highest-quality stem cell harvesting techniques with advanced physiotherapy to create unique, customized treatment plans for our patients.

There are many reasons why more people are opting for treatment plans like Stem Cell Therapy instead of invasive measures like surgery. In fact, 94% of our patients quickly have over a 50% improvement. Read on to learn about some of these reasons and the advantages of receiving stem cell therapy treatments at Dynamic Health.

Cost and Recovery Effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy Treatments*

Dynamic Regenerative Therapy
(PRP or Stem Cell treatment)

Cortisone (consider making this “cortisone treatment” or something similar)

Hyaluronic Acid


Tissue Regeneration







Very Low

Very Low

Very High

Recovery Time

Less than 7 Days

1-2 days

Less than 7 days

Weeks to Months

Duration of

1-2 years

Few days – few weeks

Few days – few weeks

Variable – months to years

Time to

1-3 weeks

3-7 days

3-7 days


Natural Healing (the
body heals itself!)






Extremely rare

Numerous side effects

Allergic Reactions

May be severe and life threatening (MI, stroke, death, infection)


“The big breakthrough was the PRP therapy. I got to the point 3 months after (the treatment) where it just felt absolutely phenomenal…the way that it felt prior (to the Achilles injury). I was able to get healthy to the point where I was able to compete and my legs were firing on full cylinder. I was very very happy about that.”*

– Billy S. (Marathon Runner)view more

Why You Should Choose Stem Cell Therapy in Charlotte, NC

In addition to the obvious advantages of avoiding a surgical procedure (like less invasive treatment and little or no recovery time), there are other reasons that motivate those who consider treating chronic pain with Stem Cell Therapy at Dynamic Health.

High Quality Product

Our advanced PRP and Stem Cell processing equipment is manufactured by Harvest / Terumo, the industry leader in this technology.

Your Body, Your Treatment

When you undergo Stem Cell Therapy at our clinic, the source of the stem cells used in the treatment is your own body.

Consistency is Key

We use the same high quality treatment method regardless of your insurance coverage. So you won’t have to worry about additives or alternatives that threaten the effectiveness of this kind of regenerative medicine.

Active Recovery

We know that joints or ligaments treated with Stem Cell Therapy need activity to heal properly. Because of our combined PRP/Stem Cell and physiotherapy method, you’ll need less recovery time and you’ll be encouraged to stay active during the recovery period.