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Change Your Life With These Tips for Managing Anxiety

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Constant worrying, fearfulness, apprehension, or lack of control are signs of anxiety. If you are one of millions struggling to maintain your mental health, these tips for managing anxiety can help.

Anxiety can cause emotional, physical, and mental problems. It may make you sweat, feel nauseous, shake, or lose sleep. You may feel tired, irritable, or have body aches. Even if you don’t have full-blown panic attacks, anxiety affects all areas of your life.

You can learn to manage your anxiety and control your feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Changes in your body, mind, and environment help.

3 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Relax Your Body

Breathing is the most immediate and accessible way to manage anxiety. Slow, deep breaths can prevent and reduce anxiety. Breath through your nose if possible, filling your lungs and belly. Count as you inhale and exhale the same count or longer, emptying your lungs fully. Close your eyes or focus on a set point. You might also say a mantra or visualize the muscles in your body relaxing from head to toe.

Yoga, meditation, massage, and listening to music can also help you get and stay more relaxed, but those options aren’t always available. Breathing is always an option.

Change Your Thinking and Self Talk

A lot of anxiety comes from worrying about things that never happen and negative self-talk. Ask yourself if the negative thoughts or possible bad outcomes are realistic or true. Then think an opposing thought. For example, if you think “I’ll never make it on time,” every morning say “I am right on time” instead.

Writing may help you with this practice. List all the possible negative outcomes and then list all possible positive outcomes. It may take a while to change your thinking patterns, but noticing them is an important first step.

Change or Limit Your Life Stressors

Lots of stimuli cause stress, and most of them can be changed. Identifying your stressors helps you eliminate them. If being on time is a constant worry, plan and leave earlier. Other ways you can reduce stress include:

  • Exercising
  • Eating healthy
  • Asking for help
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Limiting caffeine and alcohol
  • Leaving bad relationships or jobs

Learn More About Anxiety Detox

A doctor, anxiety coach, counselor, or mental health professional can help you manage your anxiety. You may also need to cleanse your body of toxins contributing to your anxiety.

Dynamic Health offers an anxiety detox in Charlotte, NC, that can help relieve your symptoms and help you make positive changes. Curious about toxins in your body? Take this toxicity quiz to learn more.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

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