“Within 2 week’s of starting the program, I have noticed a new clarity of thinking…..less brain fog and better sleep. My fatigue in the afternoon is almost gone…”
–  Heidi

If you are currently undergoing treatment for health symptoms, or going without treatment for symptoms like anxiety, autoimmune disease, thyroid problems, low energy, brain fog, chronic pain, weight loss resistance, or others, it’s time to get down to the root of the problem.

Your Persistent Health Symptoms Solved with Dynamic Health

Whether or not treatment is helping alleviate your symptoms (and especially if it isn’t), don’t you want to find out why? Why are you living with mood swings, dizziness, sensitivity, muscle spasms, and other inconvenient or painful conditions? Why don’t we try to fix the problem for good together?

True Cellular Detox at Dynamic Health

You may be surprised to learn the answer to your ongoing symptoms and pain: Your body is working against you. More specifically, toxins in your body are interfering with its proper function, and causing you to exhibit the symptoms described above and more. Heavy metals — particularly mercury and lead, have proven to be damaging to the body and are the root of many health-related issues.

The True Cellular Detox program at Dynamic Health is designed to eliminate these toxins in your body and return your cells to their full and proper level of function.

True Cellular Detox starts with a series of questions and tests to determine the level and type of toxicity in your body based on your symptoms and condition. Once toxicity level is established, the detox follows three phases to:

  1. prepare your body for detox
  2. detox your body, and
  3. clear deeper neurotoxins from the brain.

For a limited time, the initial evaluation is totally free at our Charlotte, North Carolina, clinic. Keep reading to see if this program may be right for you, or schedule a complimentary consultation today to learn more.

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Your Health Symptoms Solved: True Cellular Detox in Charlotte, NC

Restoring proper cellular function and controlling harmful toxins in the body can be the answer to improving a variety of health conditions.

Weight Loss Resistance

Symptoms: You are struggling with weight loss or experiencing weight gain despite a healthy diet and exercise.

How True Cellular Detox Helps: Promotes fat loss by decreasing cellular inflammation and allowing your thyroid hormones to communicate with the body properly.

Trouble Sleeping

Symptoms: Anxiety disorder that acts up at night; sleep anxiety that keeps you awake or restless throughout the night.

How True Cellular Detox Helps: Remove toxins that block the internal pathway for melatonin (sleep regulation hormone) — reduce stress reaction and minimize anxiety.

Low Energy & Brain Fog

Symptoms: Chronic fatigue syndrome — brain fog, short-term memory loss, brain fatigue, and general low energy.

How True Cellular Detox Helps: Rids body of toxins to clear cell pathway for brain chemical messengers like cortisol and adrenaline to be delivered (restore energy levels and clear headedness).

Chronic Pain

Symptoms: Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, back or other localized pain, and a lack of responsiveness to pain management methods.

How True Cellular Detox Helps: Decrease the cellular inflammation that is causing your chronic pain.

Still have questions or think cellular detox may be right for you? Reach out with questions or schedule your free toxicity testing today at Dynamic Health in Charlotte, North Carolina.


“I am already sleeping better, less food cravings and have lost 7 lbs in 3 weeks. I modified my diet slightly and love how the program is helping me change. I feel mentally more at ease with an improved focus. I can take on more of life without getting stressed.”
– Peter

“Within 2 week’s of starting the program, I have noticed a new clarity of thinking…..less brain fog and better sleep. My fatigue in the afternoon is almost gone! We have both of our kids on the program as well. They are sleeping better and making better food choices. My son had warts on one of his feet that have completely disappeared!”
– Heidi

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*Consultation Includes Complimentary In-Office Toxicity Test

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