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Camp Blue Skies: Camp for Adults With Developmental Disabilities

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For many individuals with developmental disabilities, finding opportunities to socialize becomes difficult once they reach adulthood. Camp Blue Skies works to remedy this by creating an engaging and exciting environment for adults with developmental disabilities.

As long-time supporters of Camp Blue Skies, Dynamic Health is excited to share their story.

Camp Blue Skies: A Camp Experience for Adults With Developmental Disabilities

Dick Sesler, founder of Camp Blue Skies, started the program after experiencing social activities like camp become less available for his son, Brent, once he aged out of the school system.

Camp Blue Skies offers unique camping sessions for adults with developmental disabilities like Down Syndrome, Autism spectrum disorder, and Williams Syndrome. The camp provides a safe and welcoming environment where the campers can socialize, explore, and gain new skills.

A Place Where Campers Can Be Themselves

Camp Blue Skies is built around fun camping activities like nature hikes, zip lines, ropes courses, and fishing where campers can make new friends, build confidence and just have a great time. The Camp Blue Skies team looks forward to creating a second home that campers can look forward to returning to every year.

The planners also work to weave in important life skills into our daily schedule. Activities like bingo, drumming, balance your body, and more help campers develop the skills they need for greater independence.

There are currently four yearly sessions, two near Charlotte, North Carolina, and two near Atlanta, Georgia. Sesler hopes to continue to extend Camp Blue Skies’ reach in the coming years by adding more camps across the country.

Dynamic Health Are Proud Sponsors of Camp Blue Skies

Dynamic Health was proud to be Camp Blue Skies’ first major sponsor, and we continue to support them today. Members of our team have seen firsthand the positive effects the camp has on those who attend.

How You Can Support Camp Blue Skies

Camp Blue Skies relies on the generous support of individuals and organizations to keep attendance costs low for campers. Your donation makes a huge difference in brightening the lives of adults with developmental disabilities.

They also always need volunteers to help run the camps. Contact Camp Blue Skies at (704) 266-2267 to learn more.

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