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Lose Weight and Improve Your Life Now with 6 Proven Food Swap Outs

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With fad diets, stop-and-go workout routines, and calorie counting, weight loss can feel like a constant struggle. Although losing weight is never easy, you can make the process better with some simple food swaps and the hCG Program at Dynamic Health in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Lose Weight With These Simple Food Switches

Changes to your diet don’t have to be unpleasant. By making some substitutions, you can increase the nutrition of your food and decrease the calories you take in without sacrificing on flavor. Here are a few easy food swaps to try that may increase your weight loss results.

Switch Out Coffee for Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent source for your morning caffeine. Resulting from tea leaves that have not undergone the fermentation of process of black tea, green tea has a subtle and delicate, but delicious flavor.

Although it doesn’t provide as much kick as coffee, the health benefits of green tea more than make up for that. The combination of antioxidants found in this beverage can cut as much as 100 calories a day by boosting your metabolism.

Swap Out Potatoes for Sweet Potatoes

Although white starches are filling without delivering too many calories, they’re often a vehicle for high-fat toppings, like sour cream or cheese.

Sweet potatoes provide the same filling effect, while also providing plenty of vitamin A, and weight loss boosting fiber. They also pair beautifully with the smoky spice of chipotle peppers and the earthy flavor of cumin and coriander for a dish big on flavor and small on calories.

Tuna: The Other Red Meat

Ideally, you’d limit the intake of all meats to about three times a week, but choosing healthier meats over saturated fat loaded red meat can take you far.

Oily fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, and Arctic char provide a meaty taste, and healthy Omega-3’s while cutting calories. A marinated rare tuna steak can be a great substitute to your weekend strip steak.

Replace Your Regular Breakfast with Oatmeal

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. It can kick-start your metabolism, and keep you from overindulging come lunchtime. Start your day off right with some morning oats.

Oatmeal promotes calorie burning and is packed with fiber, which is proven to help lose weight. Cooking your oats helps unlock even more of their health potential.

Snack on Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds

Forgo salty potato chips or sweet candy for your evening TV snack. Try out healthier alternatives like fruits, nuts, and seeds, which can provide similar tastes without the fats and oils.

If you like salty snacks, give nuts and seeds a try. They’re full of healthy fats, and each contains a cocktail of vitamins and minerals. If sweet snacks are more of your flavor, grab some fresh fruit. Purple fruits like blueberries and blackberries (yes, they’re purple) are particularly high in antioxidants that promote weight loss.

Eat Less, More Often

Although more of a lifestyle transition than a specific diet alteration, this tip can help you go far. Spreading out more smaller meals can help you keep your body’s calorie burning engine going all day.

hCG Weight Loss Program

The hCG Weight Loss Program at Dynamic Health can help you reach your weight loss goals. hCG is a hormone treatment that works alongside dietary changes to help you trim off unwanted weight, without losing healthy fat or muscle mass.

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Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management