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Change Your Life: Weight Loss Programs in Charlotte, NC

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Losing weight can improve more than just your general health. Continue reading to learn how losing excess weight can improve your mental health, physical health, and even your quality of life.  3 Ways Weight Loss Can Change Your Life Improve Your Health Obesity can create turmoil when it comes to your health. Obesity can lead to a number of health …

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The Best and Worst Foods for Controlling Your Type II Diabetes

Dynamic HealthType II Diabetes

Although type II diabetes is a serious disease, it doesn’t need to control your life. Managing your diet is one of the most important steps to improving type II diabetes symptoms. Although it can be difficult to adjust your eating habits, taking the time to be mindful of everyday food choices goes a long way. Here are the best and …

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Lose Weight and Improve Your Life Now with 6 Proven Food Swap Outs

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With fad diets, stop-and-go workout routines, and calorie counting, weight loss can feel like a constant struggle. Although losing weight is never easy, you can make the process better with some simple food swaps and the hCG Program at Dynamic Health in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lose Weight With These Simple Food Switches Changes to your diet don’t have to be …

An Overview of the Verjú Laser Treatment Method

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  Plastic surgery can be invasive and inconvenient — often coming with lengthy recovery time and undesirable scarring. With the Verjú Laser System, you can get the results of a procedure like liposuction without ever going through a surgery. Read below to learn more about the non-invasive laser option for body contouring, and visit our clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, …