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Car Accident Doctors Near Me: What to Look For

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If you’ve recently been in a car accident, chances are you are experiencing at the very least some pain or discomfort. While it might be easy to write it off as nothing or to work through it, it is vital to be examined by a doctor as soon as possible to ensure no underlying injuries have occured. Some injuries can …

Why Stem Cell Therapy Is the Best Alternative to Surgery

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Surgery can be largely effective as a treatment for chronic pain, degenerative diseases, and injury. However, surgery isn’t always the best option, and neither are some of the more traditional alternatives. Many patients are instead turning to stem cell therapy. Below, we’ll outline why stem cell therapy is the best alternative to surgery so you can determine if it might …

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Manage Your Pain

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If you’ve grown tired of dealing with chronic pain, and even more tired of the medication and other fruitless efforts to alleviate it, stem cell therapy may be your answer. Stem cell therapy, also called regenerative medicine, uses healthy or newly formed cells to repair and replace diseased or damaged cells that are the source of inflammation and pain. Read …

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How Can P-Shot Help With Your ED?

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There are a few different treatments for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED). But there is only one solution that’s been proven to actually restore function.  The Priapus Shot, or P-Shot, is a revolutionary growth factor therapy that treats ED and related conditions at their core. Learn more about the P-Shot and how it can help with your ED. About …

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Is Growth Factor Therapy Right for You?

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Chronic pain due to injury or degenerative disease can have a drastic effect on your quality of life. If you struggle with one of these conditions, you may have been told the only treatment available to you (if any) is surgery.  Continue reading to learn about a growing field of medicine known as growth factor therapy and to see if …

4 Ways the O-Shot® Can Help You

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If you’re a female experiencing urinary incontinence, other vaginal discomfort, or sexual dysfunction, the solution can be as easy as getting a shot. The O-Shot® is a simple treatment administered at Dynamic Health that effectively treats the following: Lack of or decrease in libido Difficulty reaching or absence of orgasm Pain during intercourse Vaginal dryness Vaginal or tissue atrophy Urinary …

Introducing the Pelvic Wave

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There are a number of treatments for bladder issues, but most require surgery and other invasive procedures, complicated medications, or embarrassing diapers and pads.  But a new treatment option has emerged and is changing the way bladder problems can be addressed here at Dynamic Health.  The Pelvic Wave was developed by a urologist as a non-invasive solution to a number …