Why Regenerative Therapy Is the Best Alternative to Surgery

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Surgery can be largely effective as a treatment for chronic pain, degenerative diseases, and injury. However, surgery isn’t always the best option, and neither are some of the more traditional alternatives. Many patients are instead turning to regenerative therapy. Below, we’ll outline why regenerative therapy is the best alternative to surgery so you can determine if it might be right …

How Regenerative Therapy Can Help Manage Your Pain

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If you’ve grown tired of dealing with chronic pain, and even more tired of the medication and other fruitless efforts to alleviate it, regenerative therapy may be your answer. Regenerative therapy, also called regenerative medicine, uses healthy or newly formed cells to repair and replace diseased or damaged cells that are the source of inflammation and pain. Read below to …

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Debunking the Most Common Myths About Regenerative Medicine Research

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Regenerative medicine research has produced dozens of promising new medical advancements over the last several years. However, with any new treatment comes misconceptions. Many of these myths have kept people from enjoying the pain relief benefits regenerative therapy has to offer. Here are the truths behind the five most common regenerative medicine myths. You can also check our recent blog …

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What You Need to Know About Regenerative Therapy

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Thanks to recent developments in the field of pain management, chances are you’ve heard about regenerative therapy. This innovative procedure is helping people across the country get relief from their chronic pain. But, with any new treatment comes questions. Here are some answers to common questions many have about regenerative therapy. Learn more about how regenerative therapy can help you …

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How Regenerative Therapy is Changing Modern Medicine

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Regenerative therapy is no longer the wave of the future. It’s the technology of the present. People everywhere are benefiting from regenerative therapy in a variety of ways as this type of treatment continues to gain traction. Below are five ways regenerative therapy is breaking barriers. After undergoing 24 angioplasties to widen a blood vessel as a result of her …

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How Regenerative Therapy Stands Out From Other Pain Solutions

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Modern medicine offers plenty of treatments for chronic joint pain, from cortisone and hyaluronic acid injections to major surgery. Unfortunately, these procedures either require long-term downtime or only provide short-term relief. However, regenerative therapy has recently emerged as a revolutionary new option that can eliminate chronic pain using your body’s natural healing abilities. Benefits Regenerative Therapy Offers Over Joint Pain …

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What is Regenerative Therapy, and How Can it Help You?

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Anyone who keeps up with current events can tell the world is in the midst of a scientific revolution. Because of media attention to consumer technology advances, many people overlook the huge advancements being made in biological and medical science, but these changes may be the most significant. One of the more important new treatments to emerge in recent decades …

How Regenerative Therapy Will Revolutionize How Pain Is Treated

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The body has over 200 types of cells, each one performing a specific function. Among them, specific cells have the potential to make copies of themselves (self-renew) and develop into more specialized cells. These are the cells utilized in regenerative medicine. These cells are lab-grown so they can be carefully molded into specific types, such as blood or nerve cells, …

The Dynamic Nature of Regenerative Therapy

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Regenerative therapy, a branch of regenerative medicine, has demonstrated great potential to help patients heal from diseases, congenital conditions, and injuries. That’s why Dynamic Health Carolinas has made this type of therapy an integral part of the treatments offered to patients seeking relief from ailments. Forget the medications. Don’t think about old devices. Focus on the future. But what’s all …