The Dynamic Nature of Regenerative Therapy

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Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management

Graphic of body next to rendering of a stem cell

Regenerative therapy, a branch of regenerative medicine, has demonstrated great potential to help patients heal from diseases, congenital conditions, and injuries. That’s why Dynamic Health Carolinas has made this type of therapy an integral part of the treatments offered to patients seeking relief from ailments.

Forget the medications. Don’t think about old devices. Focus on the future.

But what’s all of the hullabaloo about regenerative therapy?

Here’s what regenerative therapy can do that makes it so special (and able to help the healing process):

  1. They renew by dividing (splitting) without limits.
  2. They can be altered into tissue- or organ-specific cells for special functions.

So let’s talk about how Dynamic Health Carolinas uses regenerative therapy research. Equipped with the right tools and resources, our team can help a person’s body rejuvenate and regenerate.

Rejuvenate by helping your body heal itself.

Regenerate by restoring tissue function.

Rejuvenate and Regenerate at Dynamic Health Carolinas in Charlotte, NC

The primary method by which we help patients accomplish the two objectives listed above (rejuvenate/regenerate) is through a shot called Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP).

Platelets are a keystone for healing wounds. So PRP therapy concentrates your blood to facilitate high levels of platelets for injecting it into the damaged area, which encourages a quicker and fuller recovery from tendon injuries. This makes PRP an excellent choice for athletes who want a non-surgical procedure.

At Dynamic Health Carolinas, we use equipment from Harvest Technologies. These tools are able to concentrate platelets and growth factors around 4-6 times greater than whole blood.

What do you get out of PRP therapy?

We’ve already touched on the one benefit, but let’s cluster it with two others:

  1. You’ll have reduced pain levels and infection rates.
  2. You get the benefits of accelerated tissue regeneration.
  3. You can enjoy less overall time to fully heal.

We also offer other therapies that you can combine with PRP, including Adipose Tissue Therapy and Bone Marrow Aspirant. Coupling any number of these together can optimize the benefits of healing and pain relief.

If you recently suffered an injury (or perhaps an athlete looking for alternatives to surgery), we can offer a multidisciplinary approach to treat a variety of ailments. For more information about PRP therapy or our practice, we have medical professionals on staff ready to speak with you about how Dynamic Health Carolinas offers myriad benefits for your health and well-being.

Learn more about services at Dynamic Health Carolinas

Regenerative Therapy Weight Loss Programs Pain Management