P-Shot® Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Do you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? Prescription treatments like Viagra and Cialis are very effective in treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but they are not able to re-establish functionality.

Do you want to treat the symptom, or would you prefer to work on restoring function?

Dynamic Health is excited to offer this new and promising solution for ED that harnesses your body’s natural healing abilities: the Priapus Shot or P-Shot®. The P-Shot® has the following benefits:

  • Increases sensation and pleasure
  • Increases ability to maintain erections or stamina
  • Increase the quality and possibly the size of erections
  • Improves strength and intensity of orgasms
  • Can potentially improve the efficacy of other therapies like Viagra or Cialis
  • Treats Peyronie’s Disease (curved penis)

The revolutionary P-Shot® is considered a natural ED treatment and male enhancement treatment. It uses PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and concentrated growth factors to stimulate the body’s natural healing. The P-Shot® assists in the regeneration of penile tissue and improvement of circulation to the penis, which results in increased blood flow and stronger, more reliable, and more frequent erections. This treatment aims to support a healthier organ as an alternative to seeking other male enhancement medications.

Advantages of the P-Shot® include:

  • In-office procedure, same-day discharge
  • No general anesthesia
  • No recovery time
  • No lumpiness after procedure
  • Can resume sexual activities the same day as the procedure
  • Autologous from your own blood (no risk of rejection)
  • Might treat ED after Prostatectomy
  • Might promote less use of ED medication

Clinically proven and non-surgical, the P-Shot® has been used for nearly a decade, resulting in enhanced sexual performance for thousands of patients worldwide.

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Learn the answers to common questions about Stem Cell Therapy and Growth Factor Therapy — plus some ideas for questions you may want to ask your doctor prior to treatment. We want our patients to feel confident and knowledgeable as they begin recovery at Dynamic Health.

The P-Shot® is an in-office procedure that takes approximately 30-45 minutes. First, your blood is drawn and placed into an FDA approved centrifuge machine to generate the concentrated PRP. A numbing cream is applied to the treatment area and a local anesthesia is applied to minimize any discomfort you may feel. The PRP is then injected with a small needle, and that’s it — you’re done.

Patients rarely report pain, and there is little or no downtime or known side effects. Our team is one of the few practitioners thoroughly trained and certified in these specialized PRP protocols.

We use a local anesthetic. This is usually adequate for pain management. If patients still feel discomfort, they can be given PRO-NOX Nitrous Oxide gas.
75% of men report satisfactory benefits.
Most patients will see results within a few weeks with the greatest benefits experienced after three months. Some men report immediate results.
The P-Shot® works especially for men who struggle with ED resulting from prostate issues, Peyronie’s Disease, side effects of prescription drugs, or other medical conditions including diabetes. Anyone looking for improved sexual performance could benefit from this procedure.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from the patient’s own blood. Creation of PRP is simple, painless, and conveniently done during a clinic visit. A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient and placed into a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the blood at high speeds to separate the blood into red blood cells and concentrated platelets.

The entire process of drawing blood to solution preparation only takes approximately 25-30 minutes. Once the blood is separated the concentrated PRP is ready to be used in the treatment process. These platelets are rich in growth and healing factors.

Insurance companies have not yet instituted coverage for PRP treatments, and it will most likely be several years before this happens. We offer several payment plan options and will work with you to help you get the treatment you need.