What Does Holistic Medicine Refer To?

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There’s often confusion for people when they hear the term holistic medicine. Many people assume that holistic medicine is strange or ineffective, but that simply isn’t the case. In fact, when done properly, holistic medicine will produce exceptional results that go well beyond what many standard medical treatments even attempt. This is because, rather than treating symptoms or specific health …

Integrative Medicine Treatments | Charlotte, NC

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Treatment for chronic pain starts with knowing how to effectively manage it at home. Continue reading to learn more.  Ways to Manage Chronic Pain At Home Neck and Back Pain Stretch and Exercise It may seem counterintuitive but one of the best ways to manage chronic pain in your neck or back is to regularly exercise and stretch using techniques …

woman performing acupuncture on a patient as a non-surgical treatment option

How We’re Using Integrative Medicine to Fight the Opioid Crisis

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Of those prescribed opioids for chronic pain, 21 to 29% misuse them, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. As the opioid crisis continues, Dynamic Health is working to provide a solution. We’re combatting this national health emergency with natural, non-invasive integrative medicine therapies that don’t involve a prescription. Below, we break down some of the most common treatment …