Dr. Coleman Pannell, DC

Chiropractic Medicine

Dr. Coleman Pannell is a Navy Veteran and North Carolina native. He continues to care for his community by providing high-quality, personalized chiropractic care. He actively recognizes the important role that chiropractic work plays in the alternative health care field by implementing innovative ways to improve patients’ health.

“Chiropractic medicine is a comprehensive health care profession that recognizes the wide variety of factors that affect human physiology, and I am very happy to have pursued a career that allows me to help people achieve optimal health and wellness to live a long, full, active life.”

While he spent his first years of college working on a pre-med and later a psychology and biology degree, Dr. Pannell also had the opportunity to explore and expand his interests in sports, fitness, and health. He acquired different levels of training and certifications as an EMT, fire department volunteer, scuba diving, sky diving, and martial arts. He also managed a Taekwondo studio.

“These experiences and my interactions with students and their families made me realize that I wanted to share my passion for physical and mental health with everyone.”

Dr. Pannell holds a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic and graduated as Cum Laude from The University of North Carolina with a BS in Psychology.