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Lose Weight and Improve Your Life Now with 6 Proven Food Swap Outs

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With fad diets, stop-and-go workout routines, and calorie counting, weight loss can feel like a constant struggle. Although losing weight is never easy, you can make the process better with some simple food swaps and the hCG Program at Dynamic Health in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lose Weight With These Simple Food Switches Changes to your diet don’t have to be …

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Faster Fat Loss With the UltraSlim® Cold Light

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At Dynamic Health, we are always searching for the most innovative technologies that can maximize results for our patients. That’s why when we heard there was a product that delivered faster results than the Verju Laser, we knew we had to see what it was all about. Introducing the UltraSlim® Cold Light: Dynamic Health’s new pain-free, surgery-free light system that …

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Discover More About Verjú Laser Treatments With Videos

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Summer is well on its way, which means many people are beginning to feel the dread of shorts and swimsuit season. But here at Dynamic Health, we’re happy to offer a simple, non-invasive solution—the Verjú Laser System. Verjú Laser Treatments Lead to Lasting Weight Loss If you read our previous blog about Verjú Laser therapy, you’ll have learned the basics. …

5 Ways to Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

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The holidays are a time for indulgence, but at Dynamic Health, we know there are ways to indulge without jeopardizing your weight loss goals or going overboard. Use these five helpful tips to make Thanksgiving day healthier this year.   Reach out to our team in Charlotte, North Carolina, to schedule a complimentary consultation if you’d like help with nutrition, …

5 Ways Nutrition Impacts Your Everyday Life

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Proper nutrition is important for many reasons, but most people still make excuses. I don’t have time. I can’t afford it. I don’t know how. If you ignore basic nutrition, you’re only getting in the way of your own health and happiness. At Dynamic Health, our goal is for our patients to live healthy, pain-free lives. And we know that …

Simple Food Swaps You Can Make For Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Made Easy: Simple Changes, Big Results Weight loss does come down to science, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. We can work towards our goals without making huge sacrifices: it all comes down to awareness about what we are eating. In this clip, Jillian Michaels is on the Wendy Williams show to tell us how …

An Easy Path to Summer Fitness

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  Many people aspire to lose weight for the coming summer season. Unfortunately, a majority of those dieting do not utilize proper techniques, resources, or tools to lose weight in a healthy manner. And while the Internet offers hundreds of tips, products, and services to reach your goals, some of those things discovered on the web are just too good …